Fingerprint issues with Win 11

Hi, strange issue. I can set up the fingerprint with Windows Hello, but it doesn’t give me the option on the login screen. I’m on a Ryzen 7640U, Win 11 Home (up to date). Fingerprint login worked at first, but I reinstalled Win 11 and now it does not. For reference, there’s no Group Policy editor on Win 11 (saw that in another thread)

I wonder if you need to clear the TPM after reinstalling

just tried that, no luck.

have you tried reinstalling the fingerprint driver and after that, removing the fingerprints from Windows Hello and setting it up again?

no dice. but i realized I can’t get a Windows Hello pin to work (required for fingerprint), so I guess this isn’t a hardware issue after all :confused:

Fixed! It was a windows issue. For some reason, Credential Manager was disabled in services.msc . I turned it on and am good to go.