Fingerprint reader dies during standby

Using the 12th generation on win 11, the current goodix driver that is installed is 3.12804.0.170.

After going into standby, the device fails with the status “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”. It is easily fixed by disabling and then re-enabling the device. Once I do that, the reader works for awhile but then fails when in standby long enough.

The official framework support appears to not know what to do as we’re in the “please reinstall windows” phase which isn’t realistic for me to do as this is a work laptop that takes a few days of installation to get to where it is ready for production work.

I see code 43 errors for other laptops and their fingerprint readers. The solution for them often seems to be an updated driver.

Do other people have this problem? If not, would you mind posting your driver version if you are on Win11?


No resolution is known in the forum yet:

Thank you. Somehow that post didn’t come up on my searches.