Fingerprint reader does not always work

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 24.04. And I noticed that my fingerprint reader doesn’t always work after waking up. I am using the Gnome desktop. I have noticed this seems to happen if I left a program running when I closed the lid. I just checked to see if it would work if I closed all my programs and it did work even though previously it had not worked. There is no error message. It just doesn’t respond. I don’t know if this issue on Framework’s side, Ubuntu, or Gnome.

For what it’s worth, I also see this with Plasma 6 under Arch on my AMD 13. Previously, under Plasma 5, it wasn’t supported at all, but now it works from the fingerprint enrollment I did under Gnome. Sometimes however, it doesn’t seem to get recongnized.

I would suspect that this is either an issue in the Linux drivers for the reader, or the firmware, not sure though, I haven’t really investigated it much.