First laptop I fell in love with

I’ve used a lot of laptops in my day. After 25 years of working in the security sector and having a laptop for that entire time I always had a desktop at the office and home because I didn’t want to work off the laptop I didn’t like.

This changed with the Framework. (i7 with 64gb of ram and a 4TB ssd).

My office desk is now clean as I’m running the laptop 100% of the time with a dock so no more tower taking up space.

My home desktop started to show its age and was at the point that I would usually build a new machine. This time I opted for a EGPU solution to run the laptop with my 49" ultrawide.

I couldn’t be happier. I would of never done this before because if something happened to the laptop there might of been issues with the other equipment with a new one.

With framework I know I can just repair this one. I didn’t realize how big of a deal that was going to be to me until I had it.

Thankyou to the Framework team and I hope this keeps going for a long time!


Well my first ‘real’ laptop was a 1997 Taiwanese ACI | 12.1" | 32Mb Ram | 2x33Mhz Intel CPU | 2Mb graphics | 1.6GB HD |
At £2300, I was very proud to have that back in the 1990’s

I had a green screen Zenith before that that had two 3.5" floppy disks and 640K Ram :slight_smile:

You had a dual CPU laptop back in 1997? I’m guessing 486 due to the clock speed, but still I find this rather incredible. Am a reading what you said right?

I would echo this as well, as I’ve been down a similar road. It is amazing how much more useful a laptop can become when it is intended to last!


Nice! I purchased a similar spec last night but with 2TB (and a 250GB storage module). How long did yours take to ship, and which EGPU did you get?

I have my work laptop and an Asus MiniPC (Ryzen, similar form factor to Intel NUC) on my desk, but this will be super nice for traveling with, I think. I have the DP and HDMI modules as well as 3x USB C and 1x USB A as well, so I should be ready for whatever is needed.

I’m in Canada, I think it was 6 days from order to delivery give or take a day.

I have the Razer Core X Chroma with a 3060Ti at home and just a Anker dock for all my monitors and kb/m at work.

I use the same kb/m at work and home. Mx Master 3 with a G915 at each location.

Its fantastic I’m beyond happy with this laptop.

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I switched from a Pixelbook to my Framework laptop and couldn’t be happier. Everything has been working well, and it’s nice to be able to use this laptop without worrying about “overusing” it and having parts break that I can’t replace cheaply or conveniently.

That said, my favourite laptop of all time has to be the Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition, which I still have and use (my wife’s using it until I can get her a Framework :wink: ).

While the 17R SR is impractical to use as a traditional laptop (it’s massive and heavy), it served me well as a desktop replacement for many years before I invested in a desktop system. But my Framework is my daily driver and I love it.

FYI: I’m also in Canada and got my i5 DIY in less than a week from the time my order was placed. Fedex sent me a tracking number the same day they delivered!! Crazy!

You hit the nail on the head. Not having to worry that over using the laptop will for instance cause part of the keyboard to stop functioning or behave oddly (which happened to my Surface Laptop basically causing me to get the framework in the first place). Worst case scenario order a new keyboard.

Both my work desktop and my home desktop were close on needing to be replaced. I just got a laptop dock for work and a eGPU for home and now the Framework does everything for me.