First Time Startup - Longer than 30 seconds?

I received my FW16 today with the 7700S, it was a DIY version with RAM and SSD from Framework. After putting everything together and switching it on, I only get a black screen. The fans are running and the power light is on, and the fans even oscillate slightly, so it seems to be doing something, but no BIOS screen or anything else. I’ve tried F2 and func-F2 on startup and still nothing.

I’ve read some rants abut the RAM calibration taking 15 mins or several hours, but the startup guide says 30 seconds. It’s been about 10 mins so far and nothing. Any steer on this?

I had the same issue, what did the trick for me was only trying out one ram stick at a time in different slots. I had to switch around my sticks to different slots in the end and then it worked.

I would first try one stick at a time and then if that works, add the second stick.

Yes . The larger Ram the longer, so start with one stick as mentioned.

For me with 96GB I put both in, and first startup was actually pretty quick. So mine was a different experience.

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Yes that’s nice. I was only repeating what had been said, but I think even officially there is a warning that it can take time.

maybe could could detail your set up CPU and others could track and compare.

Thanks and all the best.

I have 1 stick of 32GB but to be honest I think I have much bigger issues.

First off, I had the same issue another poster had with the single stick only working in the right hand slot and not the left hand. The second issue is that if I unplug the laptop, the screen goes off and it’s completely unresponsive. You cannot power off, reset, even plugging in again does nothing. The only way to restart is to wait until the machine runs out of battery and then it will start when plugging in. Unfortunately I am going to be returning it.

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Hi @Mark_Hall ,

Sorry to hear about your FW16 experience thusfar. Something in the NVRAM may not be set correctly in the Embedded Controllers. There is a process to factory reset the BIOS and the hardware which could resolve this issue of the display turning off and the machine going into a frozen state.

There have been a few rogue issues that have slipped through QC at the factory. I encourage you to reach out to support. They will have you run through tests and send lots of pictures; others who have had less minor issues have had the whole machine replaced pretty quickly.

Let us know how it turns out.

I have reached out to support and had no response, so I am now asking for a return, although no response to that either.

There seems to be some issue with the machine in the lower bottom right quadrant. Any pressure, movement, touch in that area causes the screen to go black and the machine to be completely unresponsive, sometimes even holding the power won’t switch it off, I have to remove the battery. The machine also does this sometimes just being left alone and switched on, so there is something very wrong. Something in this area attached. I have removed and reconnected the pin you see but it made no difference.

Hi @Mark_Hall ,

That is strange. Check your spam folder and make sure Framework emails did not get sent there. Maybe @Destroya can see if he can find your ticket.

Something could be shorting out then and freaking the EC out or the chipset. Probably nothing you did. That connector that is showing at an angle is just the speaker, try leaving it off. I know you are probably at your wits end though with the new machine.

If you want to diagnose it a little further you can set the machine to standalone mode in the BIOS and change the settings for the input module to ignore or something (I am using my phone at work currently to type this) then you can experiment with leaving the battery unplugged and the midplate totally off and see if the same thing happens. You will need an external keyboard connected to USB though. They will likely want your whole machine back so they can have engineering look at what is going on. Sorry bud!

Hey Mark, looks like we did not receive your initial support request, not sure what went wrong, however I see that we have received your request for return, our team should reply to that this week.

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I have removed the mid-plate, battery, keyboard, trackpad and used external keyboard/mouse and it boots up happily but the slightest touch in the bottom right corner, with plastic non-conductive, results in black screen immediately. Same with picking the device up, tilting or any knock or movement. I can apply pressure near the top right or left, or bottom right and it’s fine. Whatever the issue is, it’s with that bottom right quadrant.

Thank you.

Something is making contact and shorting out something else for sure then. Thanks @Destroya for looking into his issue.

Sorry you had a bad luck draw from the get go @Mark_Hall. At least you know it is pressure related in that area; though it is not helping that you can not move it or bump it without the superfreak of the electronics. They have been pretty quick about replacement turnaround if you are still willing to try a replacement DIY model.

Another user had an issue with the m.2 screw being stripped from the factory and FW wanted the whole unit back and express shipped his replacement.