FN key, Arrow keys, Sales to Europe, Full Ubuntu support

Little story time … =)

I know i cant get one yet, but got excited a little when i saw this on LTT.
Im a web dev on desktop who would like to get used to a notbook again,
but whenever i searched for one i dropped the idea just because: the damn FN key.

I am a keyboard user - so mouse clicky clicky only if no way around.
So … I would REALLY like to be able to get a keyboard without “that ****** key” =)

Im so used to standard keyboard - no FN key, large enter key, usual arrow key placement, Home|End keys (important AF =), page up|down
If a numpad would fit in i would not be mad, but …

BTW: those (lets call it) one liner arrow keys are not working for me.
I dont have small hands. I need actual arrow keys:

      [ UP ]

Im using them so often while coding … i mean they are moving the actual cursor - the thing that i look at, and move, the hole day =)

So …
as soon this gets available in europe,
and i can choose a standard keyboard (no blinky blinky, but default layout),
and i can work with ubuntu
then … i think then you got me =)

Happy to found you!
Best wishes!

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I can’t think of a single laptop from the past few decades that doesn’t have an Fn key. How else are you going to adjust the screen brightness? So unfortunately I think you’ll be waiting indefinitely…

A few workarounds:

  • Use an external keyboard, of which there are infinitely more that meet your requirements.
  • Since you’re a programmer, look into using the home-row-heavy vim for writing code, and watch your need for arrow keys/home/end/pgup/pgdn magically disappear :slight_smile:
  • Remap CapsLock to a custom modifier, allowing you to remap arrows/home/end/pgup/pgdn to more accessible keys. CapsLock+WASD for arrows anyone? (This is what I do–using this method, I haven’t cared about laptop keyboard layouts for more than a decade).

The FN key is unavoidable. But as long as it’s easy to change the default “media action keys” to “function keys” there is no problem.

However, I agree that proper arrow keys are needed and preferably home/end/pgup/pgdn as well.

I agree about the arrow buttons. I hate those 1/2 size up/down keys.

Not sure how to fix it though. You’d have to cut the shift key short. I’d probably prefer that (rarely use the right shift but regularly use the arrow keys).

Regarding the FN key… I don’t like the placement either but I do want the FN key. It IS quite useful. I’d personally want it to the right of the space bar in order to keep the [Ctrl] [Super] [Alt] arrangement.

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You could do like Thinkpads, that have something like 2/3 or 3/4 height arrows so the arrow cluster sticks out below the rest of the keyboard. I made a mockup of what it could look like in this post.

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I replied as if that wasn’t possible (due to structural design and fastening). In case it is possible, then I agree 100%!

However I think the keyboard should be more tactile. Meaning, have some sort of bump or dip on certain keys to help you navigate by feel and just make it more typing error-proof.

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