[FOR-FUN] Post your fetches!

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Yeah, I updated to 6.7 just after posting the fetch :grinning: But I did not notice any immediate differences.

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             .',;::::;,'.                 sam@cogsworth
         .';:cccccccccccc:;,.             -------------
      .;cccccccccccccccccccccc;.          OS: Fedora Linux 39 (Workstation Edition) x86_64
    .:cccccccccccccccccccccccccc:.        Host: Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040Series) (A7)
  .;ccccccccccccc;.:dddl:.;ccccccc;.      Kernel: 6.6.11-200.fc39.x86_64
 .:ccccccccccccc;OWMKOOXMWd;ccccccc:.     Uptime: 12 mins
.:ccccccccccccc;KMMc;cc;xMMc;ccccccc:.    Packages: 2808 (rpm), 24 (flatpak)
,cccccccccccccc;MMM.;cc;;WW:;cccccccc,    Shell: bash 5.2.21
:cccccccccccccc;MMM.;cccccccccccccccc:    Display (BOE095F): 2256x1504 @ 60Hz [Built-in]
:ccccccc;oxOOOo;MMM000k.;cccccccccccc:    DE: Gnome 45.3
cccccc;0MMKxdd:;MMMkddc.;cccccccccccc;    WM: Mutter (Wayland)
ccccc;XMO';cccc;MMM.;cccccccccccccccc'    WM Theme: Adwaita
ccccc;MMo;ccccc;MMW.;ccccccccccccccc;     Theme: Adwaita [GTK2/3/4]
ccccc;0MNc.ccc.xMMd;ccccccccccccccc;      Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3/4]
cccccc;dNMWXXXWM0:;cccccccccccccc:,       Font: Cantarell (11pt) [GTK2/3/4]
cccccccc;.:odl:.;cccccccccccccc:,.        Cursor: Adwaita (24px)
ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc:'.          Terminal: GNOME Terminal 3.50.1
:ccccccccccccccccccccccc:;,..             Terminal Font: Source Code Pro (10pt)
 ':cccccccccccccccc::;,.                  CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U w/ Radeon  780M Graphics (16) @ 5.29 GHz
                                          GPU: AMD Phoenix1
                                          Memory: 2.59 GiB / 27.09 GiB (10%)
                                          Swap: 0 B / 8.00 GiB (0%)
                                          Disk (/): 337.19 GiB / 1.82 TiB (18%) - btrfs
                                          Disk (/run/media/sam/725cc277-2c16-4492-8d3e-cae1a7501648): 625.82 GiB / 915.63 GiB (68%) - ext4 [External]
                                          Local IP (wlp1s0): *
                                          Battery: 76% [Discharging]
                                          Locale: en_US.UTF-8


                   -`                    ridobe@arch-framework 
                  .o+`                   --------------------- 
                 `ooo/                   OS ➜ Arch Linux x86_64 
                `+oooo:                  β”œ Kernel ➜ 6.7.0-ridobe-seiei
               `+oooooo:                 β”œ Uptime ➜ 10 days, 15 hours, 59 mins 
               -+oooooo+:                β”” Packages ➜ 2289 (pacman) 
            `/++++/+++++++:              PC ➜ Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040Series) A5 
           `/++++++++++++++:             β”œ CPU ➜ Ryzen 5 7640U w/ Radeon 760M Graphics (12) @ 4.9GHz [45.5Β°on] 
          `/+++ooooooooooooo/`           β”œ Memory ➜ 11811MiB / 59964MiB (19%) 
         ./ooosssso++osssssso+`          β”œ GPU ➜ AMD ATI c1:00.0 Phoenix1 
        .oossssso-````/ossssss+`         β”” Resolution ➜ 1920x1080, 2560x1080, 1920x1080 
       -osssssso.      :ssssssso.         
      :osssssss/        osssso+++.       WM ➜ Xfwm4 
     /ossssssss/        +ssssooo/-       β”œ Bar ➜ Polybar 
   `/ossssso+/:-        -:/+osssso+-     β”” Compositor ➜ Compton 
  `+sso+:-`                 `.-/+oso:     
 `++:.                           `-/+/   TTY ➜ xfce4-terminal 
 .`                                 `/   β”œ Shell ➜ bash 5.2.21 
                                         β”” Font ➜ Source Code Pro 12

How’s Hyprland on there? I’ve been looking for the lowest-effort hyprland setup for Fedora at some point.

> neofetch
                   -`                    rick@asu 
                  .o+`                   -------- 
                 `ooo/                   OS: Arch Linux x86_64 
                `+oooo:                  Host: Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040Series) A7 
               `+oooooo:                 Kernel: 6.6.10-arch1-1 
               -+oooooo+:                Uptime: 42 mins 
             `/:-:++oooo+:               Packages: 831 (pacman), 10 (flatpak) 
            `/++++/+++++++:              Shell: bash 5.2.21 
           `/++++++++++++++:             Resolution: 3840x2160 
          `/+++ooooooooooooo/`           DE: Unity 
         ./ooosssso++osssssso+`          WM: sway 
        .oossssso-````/ossssss+`         Theme: Adwaita [GTK2/3] 
       -osssssso.      :ssssssso.        Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3] 
      :osssssss/        osssso+++.       Terminal: kitty 
     /ossssssss/        +ssssooo/-       CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U w/ Radeon 780M Graphics (16) @ 5.132GHz 
   `/ossssso+/:-        -:/+osssso+-     GPU: AMD ATI c1:00.0 Phoenix1 
  `+sso+:-`                 `.-/+oso:    Memory: 5257MiB / 13663MiB 
 `++:.                           `-/+/
 .`                                 `/                           

Should probably update my system, but eh.

It’s been amazing! So much happier than I was back with Gnome/KDE!
I recommend just grabbing someones config files for a start (Aylurs are good for instance).


The difference between 6.6.x and 6.7.0 has been night and day.

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Which fetcher is this? I love how organized it looks :slight_smile:

It’s neofetch with the Talljoe theme from here.

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Take a look at NixOS, all of the config is in one file; combine that with a separate /home partition and you’ll have the most β€œblowup-able” configuration you can have.

I’ll have to take a look. Back when I tried Hyprland on Arch on another laptop of mine in 2023, things were constantly breaking with every update. If it’s more stable than that now, I’ll take a look.

glorious sway

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I really like how Cosmic is coming together

How’d you install it? Compile from git?

That little broken mess with a vastly inconsistent power draw ranging from sometimes 6 watts to 10 and i dont know why :confused:

Power consumption is much improved on 6.8 series and prerelease kernels, there are a few things AMD still can work out before we see the best these chips can do.

How are you liking Plasma 6 otherwise?

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