For how long will the AMD mainboards receive security updates?

How long will the firmware receive timely security updates for?

I’m loving my 12th gen right now and am really excited for a Ryzen upgrade with the beefed up graphics capabilities, but I don’t want to be stuck with buggy firmware that’s riddled with unaddressed vulnerabilities and no updates 6 months after launch.

So is the AMD mainboard firmware going to have an explicit support lifetime, or is it gonna be a repeat of the 12th gen where the firmware just… is what it is?


I would guess that we won’t get a hard number. But Framework opening up official business sales should definitely be good regarding firmware updates. Businesses will be less tolerant of firmware issues, if they feel they’re not being addressed in a timely enough manner.
Framework Laptop 16 feedback and announcing Framework for Business

Framework has not given specific timelines, but they also have not ended support for any of their laptops yet. While it has been a while since the last firmware update for any of the currently available laptops, none of them are unsupported, and will likely get updates after the release of the 13" AMD boards and 16" boards, since the firmware team will once again have time for upkeep on the older models instead of needing to work on new products.

I’ll hang tight and watch for firmer commitments before pulling the trigger on the AMD upgrade then. The current state of the older laptops where they’re technically still “supported” but aren’t actually getting security updates is what I’m most afraid of.