FRAMEDWORK! Shadowboxing a Failed Framework Laptop! #repurpose

I reached out to Framework and asked if they had any unusable, dead, or damaged components. They sent some along and I made this. What do you think? A good way to repurpose what can’t be repaired or reused?


It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Some like dead butterflies, cars…etc. People collect anything.

…on the other hand, you’re holding onto [some] materials that could otherwise be recycled and manufactured into something else useful.

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It looks really cool. Looks like a professional job too.

I could picture it hanging in Nirav’s office.


That’s not an office. That’s a mailbox :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s absolutely beautiful. Definitely doing something similar with some of my broken hardware I have lying around.

Why make e-waste when you can have e-taste?


a lot of art is made of materials that could be used for other purposes, I think this is a perfectly acceptable use of the materials.

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Yes, I tend to agree for personal projects (and CJ did cover this recycling factor as one of his considerations). Maybe, holding onto materials until a higher energy efficiency recycling process is available in the future. And so, it’s probably alright to just enjoy the view in the living room in the meantime.

I just wish his design has more styling to it. Like this GameBoy wall art:

Maybe have a graphical collab with Framework graphics design team.


I considered incorporating some of the Framework artwork from their packaging and stickers. Unfortunately I barely had room for even the part labels. The thing is already massive so adding any more area was not a good option. I’m considering a version 2 with a Natural maple frame and laser engraved genuine cork background and side matting, instead of the white cardstock and acrylic. I think that would fit the framework aesthetic more.

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Just watched it, it looks nice, even though I agree that the Frame does not compliment the Framework too much.

While indeed it looks great, it feels out-of-place and I imagine it would be better to have a more wooden and/or stone look.

In fact, I imagine smooth gray stone (like marble) would look great with it.

For the black parts, you could use cork as a background for contrast.

I am not sure I would buy this, as the logistics to bring it here in one piece would be pretty costly I’d guess. But I enjoy it nonetheless and don’t mind seeing future iterations of it.

I went with the black and white shadowbox mostly because it matches my studio. However the nice thing about custom work is it can be customized to suit the individual consumer.


Really cool!

Is every piece of hardware dead? Or did you “Snow White” a mostly working framework? :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything was dead or didn’t pass Framework QC. The only good part was the USB-C expansion card. I sacrificed one of my own because an expansion card was just needed to complete a Framework layout.