Framework 13 11th-Gen B-Stock Power On / Booting Issues

  • Windows 11
  • Framework 13 DIY 11th Gen i7-1165G7 B-Stock
  • Framework Refurbished DDR4-3200 2x8GB Ram
  • WD-Black 770 1TB
    Already Contacted Framework Support but not sure how long the delay would be so also posting here

I’ve only had this laptop for a few weeks and use it every few days or so. I started with a fresh install of Windows 10 followed by a full Windows update cycle and a fresh install of Framework’s drivers. Then I immediately updated to Windows 11 via the Microsoft website (windows update was saying it wasn’t ready to upgrade to Windows 11 on my system). I then did a full Windows 11 update cycle followed by another Framework driver install.

My main issue is as follows: I power it down after using it and let it sit for a couple of days. When I go to power it on again it won’t turn on at all until I plug it into external power (battery ends up showing at ~97% after finally booting). I then get a series of 3 blue screens/reboots with the display messages “Memory_Management” or “Kernel Security Check Failure”. After this series of three blue screens my device then functions normally. I’ve gone through this whole cycle twice: power down, leave for a few days, try to turn on, won’t until plugged in, three blue screens/reboot, then functionally normal. I can even unplug from external power and go to sleep with the lid open and come back a couple hours later and things seem totally normal. I just ran a Windows memory diagnostic tool and it didn’t show any errors (I was thinking maybe the refurbished RAM was bad??) I’m not sure what’s going on and need help! Any takers??

Support will work through it with you and get you to a definitive answer, but it sounds like the RTC battery will need to be replaced. You can mitigate the issue by setting a charge limit on the battery and leaving it plugged in when not in use. This may or may not be reasonable for your use case. Longer-term, you may look into the RTC battery replacement module. If you are not comfortable soldering very small components have a repair shop do it for you so that you don’t ruin the board. Best of luck, and welcome to the forum!

This. This right here is why I was unhappy to see Framework trying to make lemonade out of lemons. I’m glad to see refurbs and b-stock being sold…except for 11th gen. This is just a self-pwn. Assuming this is the RTC flaw

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Wait they didn’t put in the rtc fix on the refurbs?!

If that’s the case then this does definitely sounds a bit like a self own. The combination of bad pr and support effort may not be worth it.


The rtc fix isn’t always needed (I’ve got an 11th Gen board that doesn’t have the issue at all), and has downsides (BIOS reset if you disconnect or discharge main battery, risk of procedure, not as easy to fix or replace as the original rtc battery)

But a fresh rtc battery would be needed in all these boards, since they have been sitting around for years, and should be included

The soft-brick on drained battery issue is pretty bad and has produced a ton of support effort, costs and bad pr/unhappy customers.

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It has and I would argue is a worse outcome than a BIOS setting reset. Even if Framework didn’t implement the fix…it still should’ve disclosed the possibility of the flaw to new customers buying b-stock. Or just realized that the boards are a loss and written them off. The display, chassis, etc could’ve been repurposed as b-stock for 12th or 13th gen stuff.

Yep! Confirmed it is the RTC battery issue. I got an emial from Framework support yesterday. I have two options: they can send me a replacement battery or send me the “replacement RTC” and then solder it myself. The email was just a stock email they apparently send to anyone who seems to have the RTC issue. Since it was a known issue I really wish it would have been at least mentioned in the factory seconds listing… I asked them to send both the new battery and the replacement. I don’t know how to solder so I figure I’ll test the new battery first - maybe it was just dead because the B-stock was sitting around for awhile…? Then I’ll go to a repair shop and have them to the other option if I absolutely need it.