Framework 13 Appreciation Post

This is just a simple appreciation post, It felt right to put it here but feel free to move it around.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for an existing laptop with actual replaceable parts. A week or so ago I dropped my beloved Framework 13. I felt the immediate sinking feeling that no matter what the outcome it was going to be annoying. I did a quick visual inspection, there was cosmetic damage but the screen was fine, thank god! I knew I had a 3 day old full system backup, but still I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was going to be a major problem.

I’m not a clumsy person but I have dropped and dealt with dropped laptops in the past. Its an expensive fix, and body damage is basically just a new machine, since so many modern laptops are just large phones and therefore impossible to repair yourself.

Upon closer inspection at home it became clear the base was bent and the fingerprint reader was damaged. The real problem was that the power button was no longer working as expected. I don’t use the fingerprint reader, and I can tolerate, even appreciate, some patina. but a malfunctioning powerbutton is a no-go. It eventually became apparent that the bent frame caused the power button to depress erratically.

While I might have preferred the ability to purchase just the frame, rather than a whole new input assembly, I can’t argue that the simplicity of ordering a single part, and replacing the whole part myself.

The replacement took me less than a minute.

Thank you Framework.


I can speak for the CX team, we appreciate the kind words of appreciation. :slight_smile: