Framework 13 Laptop Lid Uneven

Hi All,

I have had my Framework 13 for a few days now and am having a few issues. The biggest one is that the lid doesn’t line up perfectly with the base enclosure. One corner very slightly protrudes over the base, whereas the other corner is a little short of lining up with it. It’s almost like the lid is very slightly tilted to one side. I’m trying to determine whether this is a manufacturing fault/ shipping damage or something completely normal for the model. Can anyone else with a laptop 13 confirm?


Mine does that too, but it’s less than a millimetre of difference. Feels like a tolerances thing to me, and isn’t something I personally consider too much of a problem. In fact, it took me a couple of months to even notice it.

Mines probably about a millimeter difference. I noticed it straight away. It does annoy me a little bit.

If it is really annoying you can probably adjust the hinge mounting screws to tweak it.


Batch 8 11th Gen Pre built.

The top is at most 0.1mm shorter than the base (just visible) and parallel to the base front.

Given the all metal construction, even pushing on the lid from one corner/angle can change the alignment. It’s thin alloy not rigid plastic.

If you carry it around be considerate and don’t pick it up by the corners, or open the screen fro one corner and then not expect small misalignments.

Are you referring to the black plastic bottom part of the bezel being uneven with the body of the computer? Mine wasn’t and, when I removed the bezel completely, I discovered that a magnet that holds the bezel had come unglued and was blocking proper attachment. I fixed that and all is well.