Framework 13 not charging unless restarted into BIOS

I’ve got a Framework 13 AMD 7840 and when I connect my charger it seems to ‘loop’ connecting and disconnecting over and over, the charging indicator light shows the same, blinking quickly then pausing. I’ve tested this with 2 Apple chargers and 2 local Kmart ones with the same results. I can mitigate this by plugging the charager in, and rebooting the laptop and going into the BIOS, at which point the charing indicator will stay on and the laptop will charge. I’ve tested updating my BIOS. I’m running PopOS 22.04. I’m downloading a Windows 11 ISO to test is its an OS issue or a system issue.

Can you link us the chargers you used (or at least the models) and tell us what the syslog (dmesg) showed when you were trying to charge from within linux?

My tested chargers were an Apple 12W (Apple 12W USB Power Adapter - Apple (AU)), Apple 30W (30W USB‑C Power Adapter - Apple (AU)), Kmart Dual 28.5W ( and Kmart Dual 45+12W ( I’m not that familar with desktop Linux troubleshooting but when I run sudo dmesg theres nothing related to charging displayed.

ANDDD of course when I go to observe the behaviour it’s more normal. It still does the cycling behavior but started charing after about ~20 seconds. But last night it was just endlessly cycling.

… those are all too weak. Got any 60W+ ones?

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This behavior has happened to me as well. It has happened when I turn on the laptop from hibernate state while plugged in. Or sometimes after unplugging and plugging again. I use a 100W Anker 317 charger and Windows 11.

Some solutions I’ve found are:
-Plugging another charger (Macbook Pro charger) which makes it return to normal charging state. Then plugging back the Anker charger works fine.
-Most recently just plugging the cable in another USB-C port does the trick. Then I can plug it back to the usual port. (this is my preferred option)

Huh really? I thought cause it’s all USB-C PD it’d just figure it out and charge slowly?

Frameworks need 60+W chargers, the CPU alone can draw up to 45W.

How will a 30W possibly be enough to charge the laptop?

It is supposed to but the pd controller has a bug that prevents it working with most sub 65W chargers. There is a fix being tested but you know how fast bios updates are with framework XD.

After the bug has been fixed, charging it’ll do easily, you may even be able to run some somewhat heavy loads on it.

I have an OG 11th Gen Batch 1 Intel 13in.
I have charged it with 25, 30, 45, 65, and 100 watt chargers.
The 25 and 30 watt chargers were OK for very light usage, or turned off.
I had the 45 watt connected, and did a 90 minute flight with MS Flight Simulator, a known performance hog, and by the end of the flight, I go battery charge messages popping up. Was able to land, though. :slight_smile:

The higher wattages had no issues.

The intent is there for FW13 Laptops to use what they get while charging. There are limitations, and in the forum, you see posts indicating that AMD versions need some BIOS updates for better compatibility.

Well yeah obviously if power used > power in you’ll have battery drain.

I’ve updated to the new 3.03b BIOS and it works as expected, yes I do discharge if I’m using a weak charger with intensive applications but it’ll still trickle charge if possible.