Framework 13 vs X210(0) - spot the error?

It’s not hard to be better than the one in HP Elitebook 840 G6, it’s one of the worst I have typed one. In my opinion the X280 is about standard for Thinkpad and better than most as feeling but it’s not full width so subpar for Thinkpad line yes.

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Wait until you tried a Toshiba Z930 or even a recent Acer Aspire 3 haha.

I wonder if there is enough space to fit something like a Thinkpad X280 type of keyboard in a Framework 13. The traditional one with a longer key travel would be impossible (I don’t even think the 16" model has enough space). Sadly, there’s no space to fit a trackpoint either.

I would love to have the Thinkpad fibreglass/carbon fibre reinforced plastic + magnesium alloy chassis though.

I wonder if we can actually find a way to crowdfund these features for a 3rd party mainboard.

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Working on it as we speak:

If successful it will be sold as a DIY body kit.

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I’d be very interested to have one. (Even if the keyboard you plan to use isn’t my favourite one. But having mousebuttons and a trackpoint would be just awesome.

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So far calculations point to an increase for keyboard height from the original 3.8 mm to 6 mm. Any keyboard that fits in it and can connect via USB will work . The keyboard itself is not part of the project and the tricky part is the hinge arm height that has to be adjusted accordingly.