Framework 13 won't roam between access points

Windows 11 pro
Framework 13 Intel 12th gen

I bought my wife a framework 13, and I’ve been noticing that it refuses to roam between access points at home. I realize this might not be a framework specific thing, but I can’t find answers elsewhere and I do not have this issue with any other device at home, including other windows laptops. It’s bad enough that when she uses it in the home office it will refuse to connect to the AP that is 4ft away and will continue to use the one on the other side of the house, even though the signal is bad enough that the connection drops every few minutes.

My home network is all TP-Link Omada with two access points to cover the house. All the roaming stuff is configured correctly in the router. Both our phones, and the other laptops we own will all jump from one to the other depending on where we are in the house. I’ve checked and the framework is not locked to one access point.

I can find no settings inside windows settings that might help me make the device actually roam correctly. At this point I’m open to any and all suggestions for where to look.