Framework 13th gen i7-1370P Thermal Throttling

I’ve noticed that the fan is able to keep the computer sufficiently cool when doing normal tasks such as watching youtube, typing Word docs, etc. (at about ~45) However, whenever I want to use the computer for gaming is when it’s utterly inadequate. When using my eGPU dock (a TH3P4G3 with a 3060), I see temps averaging ~95 to 100 degrees and the CPU slowing down to 0.38 GHz. This causes my game to become unplayable.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having this issue, if perhaps I’m missing something, or if there are any solutions someone has.


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Get a laptop stand to lift the laptop and increase air flow.

I don’t have my laptop yet but after obsessively searching this forum.

Gaming shouldn’t overwhelm the cooler to a 400mhz throttle. Have you installed the drive bundle?

It might need a reseat and I’ve seen other people mention poor thermal paste application, however it’s new so I’d contact framework first.

The Framework Laptop 13 Intel configurations are designed to run the processors at over 30 W, allow it to thermal throttle for a few seconds, before throttling processor power to 28-30 W, where the processor usually sits between 80 - 95 C. However, the processor should run way faster than 400 MHz at 30 W. Your unit might have a faulty thermal paste application or other heat dissipation issue.

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