Framework 16 dGPU Coil Whine Issues and Setting dGPU Power Limits

When running blender, the dGPU keeps on giving me very noticeable coil whine. The coil whine only appears when looking around in the viewport in material preview mode and solid mode.

After some diving into the issue, I found that it seems the dGPU is having an excessive amount of power drawn in these two modes. When in the Cycles Rendered View, the dGPU is drawing around 108 - 119W which doesn’t cause a lot of coil whine.

Although I don’t know what this value is (if someone could please care to explain that would be very helpful), it seems like whenever the GPU’s Total Graphics Power surpasses the GPU PPT Limit (Short), it starts causing the coil whine. While in Blender Viewport Solid or Material Preview, navigating around the scene causes the GPU to draw in excess of 165W maximum hovering around 140W, which is way higher then the 120W PPT Limit (Short).

Here is a screenshot of the TGP Graph and HWiNFO GPU Sensors with Blender in the background.

Is it possible to limit the dGPU’s power levels to around 100-120W? This way, it would be under the PPT Limit (Short) and not have any more coil whine issues. I’m not 100% sure if this is the cause of the coil whine, but it is likely due to excess power draw and the VRMs and Power Regulators are having trouble handling.