Framework 16 expansion module lock on Framework 13 chassis

I have issues with grip strength and dexterity. It currently takes all of my strength to eject the modules from my 13. Some bays more than others, it seems.

I just saw a review of the Framework 16 and I note that there’s a much smarter lock/unlock mechanism for the modules! (not the bay, the ports!)

Can I please get that on a revised Framework 13 chassis?

This was an intentional design decision for the FW13 made during the prototyping stage. They wanted to have the FW16 switch design on the FW13 but ultimately decided to go with the button design to achieve other design goals.

Unfortunately the button is incredibly difficult, sometimes painful for me to use. The result is I don’t swap modules at all.

They loosen up after you swap them in/out a few times, IME. Of course, I’m not you, but I feel a lot better doing it after having done it a few times.

I hope so, but I still have to hold the button in, rather than just flip a switch.