Framework 16 s2idle and deep standby

out of the box (Arch linux) I get:

> cat /sys/power/mem_sleep

which means there’s no deep standby. Here’s some relevant paragraph from arch wiki:

If your hardware does not advertise the deep sleep status, check first if your UEFI advertises some settings for it, generally under Power or Sleep state or similar wording, with options named Windows 10, Windows and Linux or S3/Modern standby support for S0ix, and Legacy, Linux, Linux S3 or S3 enabled for S3 sleep.

So the question is – is there “modern standby” support? Maybe there’s some additional configuration to do on the Linux side

Unfortunately, AMD discontinued [deep].

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Modern standby in Linux is called s2idle. If you’re seeing too high of power consumption then you should run

To diagnose the issue.


part of the problem is I don’t know how much power consumptions I should expect / how to log the power draw each suspension (or if there’s any unexpected wakeup)

The script will log power draw if you do a long enough cycle.

Or if you don’t trust it go pick up one of these:

I haven’t personally measured the 16 but the 13 is around 0.4W when s2idle and 0.2W S5 for me. Those numbers will depend on cards plugged in.