Framework 16 Touchpad weird acceleration profile

I have both the 13 inch and 16 inch and I run Arch and Sway on both of them and from what I can tell identical setup (including the same config):

input "2362:628:PIXA3854:00_093A:0274_Touchpad" {
  tap enabled
  dwt enabled
  natural_scroll enabled

The best way to describe it is to say that the acceleration on the 16 inch touchpad is “off”, it’s too small and too large at the same time – it wouldn’t accelerate properly but also sometimes fly off rapidly. I really had no issue with the 13 inch touchpad. Is it possible I missed some additional steps for the touchpad to work smoothly?

Yes, I think I have the same issue on Debian Testing. Sometimes scrolling feels like something’s stuck, but on the other hand, gestures like pinch to zoom feel like the touchpad is too sensitive.

I have the same problem with Mint
Under Windows it feels perfect, I can be really precise or fly across the screen with barely more than a flick