Framework AIO Desktop

As much as I love to tinker on my own I would personally prefer having the heat sets and magnets installed even at a higher cost due to time constraints.

Though I’m sure if it’s not too much effort others might appreciate a lower cost alternative and/or the option to work on the component installations on their own.

I second this,- I would be willing to put money on a metal/aluminium version.

What I don’t currently like is the webcam/microphone part. My idea would be a panel that can be opened to the top/bottom that has cutouts for the micro and webcam so one can use the slider if needed, but normally you don’t see them.

It would probably only cost another $10 bucks to sell them with the parts pre installed. So probably not a huge deal for most. With parts/labor/shipping I would probably have to sell them for around $75/kit which would include printed parts, heat sets done, magnets installed and a little bag with the remaining necessary screws. The only thing you would need to buy is a wifi module from the Framework Marketplace. You could try to take the one off the display housing but from my experience its thin and the adhesive is strong which pretty much guarantees it will rip and break.

I understand the desire for a microphone/camera cover. Maybe its something i can work on in the future. For simplicities sake and to keep the front bezel relatively thin I decided against it at least for now.

A metal/milled version would be very cool. Problem is unless you have access to a mill 1 off projects of this size and complexity are very expensive and it would need to be redesigned for tapping threads vs heat sets. Not a path i particularly want to go down but when i push the GitHub link public it’ll have all the necessary files and you are more than welcome to give it a shot!

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I would pay $100 for a kit like that shipped to me in Canada :slight_smile: That would be the best way to use my 11th Gen… maybe in the kitchen… or even the garage!

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I’m glad you already have a plan for it!

I’m printing the (hopefully) final test print. Once all that is validated and the posts go live we can talk more. I also need to see how it prints in ASA. I wouldn’t want to send it to you in a lower temp material as it could cause the case to warp when running hot


As soon as it’s finalized and ship is up I would be rushing for one no doubt, this is an amazing way to utilize an old board as a file/media server with very low energy overhead.

I wanted to try your tablet design too but my ender 3 pro isn’t large enough for the print.


I did the final assembly today. I’m working on a quick instruction manual. Hoping to have it posted tomorrow.


Very Clean, I kinda like the power button placement even though there wasn’t much choice

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I’m going to post it on social tomorrow but for those of you who follow me here, you get it early.

Here is the official launch of the AIO


Do let us know when you get around putting up a purchase option!

@ayanachibi feel free to shoot me a DM and we can talk about it.

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The media articles about the topic: :grinning:


Always fun to see write-ups on Framework projects! Glad to see appreciation for the community


Wow how did I miss this thread. This is really cool!

I can imagine this as a portable PC as I borrowed my Framework to my sibling for school.

this is a super cool project.

i now kinda want to do something like this but with some of the scrap wood i have

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