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Hey Guys,

It’s awesome to see everyone’s projects and mods. I’ve been gone for a few months since finishing the tablet project taking care of my newborn daughter. Now I’m back and looking to dig into my next project. I’m thinking it’s going to be converting the laptop into an iMac-style all-in-one desktop. I’ve just started drafting it. I’ll be back soon with an update and hopefully an initial draft design.


Here are some very very early renders hoping to reuse the stock display hinges as a hinge point in this AIO


Here’s another quick update, was working on creating chambers for the default speakers to hopefully make them louder


Just replying here to say thank you, this looks great so far!

I wish there was an easy way to have am aluminium case or similiar.


@Anachron Thanks! I appreciate it!

Most of my stuff could be made from metal by changing the mounting spots from threaded insert mounts to tapped. Would definitely be cool but being complex they would be really expensive to have made

Wow this is fantastic. Looking forward to more!

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I was just thinking, what if it had a VESA mount?

Then I could attach it to my monitor arms … that would be useful!


Happy Friday all!

Wanted to share some more renders as I get closer to test printing.

Here are some screenshots and a link to the design to interact with it virtually.

@Anachron i like the idea of a vesa mount. It shouldn’t be to difficult for me to mod it to accept a vesa mount.


The final design is getting much closer. I’ve gone through several iterations trying to improve the fit and finish. Finally got it to a point where it was able to be assembled, stood up, and turned on. Always a fulfilling milestone to hit!


Wow. Very impressive!


It looks amazing!!

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how are you going to take out the i/o ports?

@Connor_Losee the small panels that cover the expansion ports are magnetic. You just pull them off and pull out the expansion card.

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no like how are you going to pull them out of the socket without taking off the back plate(s)

@Connor_Losee You don’t.

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yeah it makes sense that they’re static there, the non-mobility of an AiO lets you get away with a more static config, and, it’s easier to implement ig!

@whatthefilament this is wonderful! you know I’m waiting on more details~ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: like, a ‘this is ready’ stage or something, whenever you’re there ^^


@Arya Ill def let you know! I’m printing what i hope is the final test. Who knows though i could get it all together and find one more problem but fingers crossed!


I implore you to please make this available on your Etsy store once it’s finalized considering not that many of us have a large enough 3D printer to print a project like this.

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How did I miss this thread?.. HELL YES! very nicely done. I love everything about it … a lot of thought obviously went into this… cooling looks like it might be decent as well. I would pay money for it!


@ayanachibi @DannyT

I could create a custom order page for stuff like this. How complete people would want it to be? Just the shell? Shell plus heat sets and magnets installed?

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