Framework and student fieldtest: works fine

tl, dr:
Bought the Framework Laptop(11th gen, 9th batch) for a 20-year-old non tech student. After 1 year he is still happy.
If you do tech support for your family, buy something you can easily service! (Or make them buy)

So, a young poor relative needed a new computer for university. He studies psychology. The only tools he needed were statistical tools, otherwise online course via zoom and light office work.

Since he is a non tech and careless guy - tech wise - a repairable laptop like framework seemed the best. He was very happy with it. He loved the hard switch on video and mic immediately, fingerprint reader after a while.
He had a surface pro sixth gen (2018) beforehand, with an almost dead battery and lightly broken speaker.

He lives in walking distance of university and comes home often. Corona related, he had hybrid courses online/offline from home. So, the bad battery life that would be bad for a full day on campus, did not affect his workflow.

He just complained about the 3.3 kg hinges, but that is something we will easily fix with the 4 kg hinges. Thanks Framework for the modular laptop! :slight_smile:

If you do tech support for your family, (make them) buy something you support! They can be happy with it.