Framework at CES 2024

It seems that the Framework is showcasing their laptops on their CES 2024 booth. The CES 2024 is 3 days event from 9th - 12th January. However, I was not able to find Framework’s booth information by searching on this page. I don’t know why.

Anyone visiting the CES 2024 event, did you see the Framwork’s booth? Or are their laptops showcased in another company’s booth such as AMD’s booth?


NotebookCheck wrote in german about the FW16 power supply :


It seems there is Framework’s booth according to the following video (thanks for sharing!)

No. It seems that Framework doesn’t have their booth. Instead, it seems that Framework Laptop 16 is showcased in AMD’s booth.

A PCMag article about CES 2024 and Framework with their interview video!