Framework beats Eve in every way

So, here I am posting on my i5 DIY (batch 5), that I have had in hand a week now. And at the same time I am realizing that it has been 4 years since the absolute train wreck that was my Eve V flash sale (not Indiegogo) order. That order was never fulfilled, never refunded, I am sure fraud was committed by Eve in dodging my credit card dispute, and they still have not fulfilled their various in writing promises to me and thousands of other customers. Eve’s shell companies were carefully structured to make a class action lawsuit next to impossible. Their “community” is a walled garden, full of hype and promises and carefully censored of any real criticism, let alone the truth of how many people have never received their product. The only places to get accurate info on just how big the Eve scam really is are reddit r/evev, trustpilot for eve-tech and evedevices, etc.

Meanwhile, less than 30 days after order, my Framework is a real product on my lap, running beautifully on two different linux distros. The creators of the company are posting detailed blogs about the product and future refinements. The (minor) criticisms of Framework are left for the world to see and freely discuss. Plans to roll out to more markets are moving along slowly and carefully, and with appropriate pre-planning and thought.

So, if you are an end user on the fence about buying from Framework or “pre-ordering” from Eve, the choice is simple and clear: Go with Framework, or get scammed by Eve.