Framework custom animated cursor

Hi guys! I just wanted to share my personal made-from-scratch Framework-themed cursor pack!
I used the official Framework .svg logo from Wikipedia and this cursor pack as a reference.
Some of the original cursors .ico files were not touched at all, while others (unavailable, busy, background) were made from scratch using this tool.
You can download the whole set and some references so you can do your own! White, orange and other designs are very welcome in the thread, please share!


Now that is something that framework should add to the Drivers pack … :+1:

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This would be much better and more usable, if you …

  1. … had a page with a browser-viewable preview of all the animated cursors as .gif or .webp.
  2. … would provide a way to download the whole pack at once. I only see a download button at the file level.
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Sorry, I was very busy at work and I only had the time to pack and upload the whole thing. I’ll try to edit the README file and add some previews. I don’t plan to “support” the project and the github page, take it as a source for more projects :wink:

EDIT: very basic README is out now. I don’t know GitHub very well, you have to click on the .gif to see the animations. Also I created a .zip as a release, so you can download the entire, ready to go pack. Let me know what you think!

I just visited the github page and the gifs were already rolling so I guess ymmv, but otherwise was easily able to preview it myself. Looks great, nice and clean, would use it but I have my bnuuy cursor.

The preview is good enough, thanks @TheLPeink
Sadly, I still see no way to just download the directory “ready to be installed pack”.
As I am using Linux most of the time, I’m going to try to convert the pack using GitHub - quantum5/win2xcur: win2xcur is a tool that converts cursors from Windows format (*.cur, *.ani) to Xcursor format. It also contains x2wincur which does the opposite.