Framework - Driver Download(s)?

I may have missed it, but is there a link to download all the Windows drivers? Is there a driver pack/package available? I was thinking of creating an MDT image with the drivers prepped for when my order arrives.

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@jma2 The link is in Step 2 here. All the drivers are in one exe file.

Thank you @njf . Do you happen to have a framework laptop with Windows running on it? Looking to get the output to these two commands:

wmic computersystem get model
wmic computersystem get manufacturer
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I don’t have mine yet. Hopefully, next week.


C:\>wmic computersystem get model

C:\>wmic computersystem get manufacturer
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@Jordan Thank you. Also, that is beautiful to see such a basic straight forward output. I love what Framework is doing!

Ah perfect! I was like oh jeez… drivers are very gone. Much missing.

Quick link was spot on with what was needed.

why does it have to be in an exe file? A zip would be better

7Zip will let you extract it just a like a zip if you prefer the contents that way.