Framework emails going to spam. Just me or not?

Framework emails, community notifications, order updates, everything have been going to spam for me on both gmail and tutanota. Is this an issue specific to me or do you also have this problem?
I (don’t think) I have flagged FW emails as spam so assuming this is the case for a lot of people framework may need to switch to a better email provider. Order updates going to spam is… not great.

Hi @RootInit,

It is not necessarily Framework’s e-mail provider; many times it is the level of aggressiveness the spam/malware filter from whomever’s e-mail it goes into.

For example, there are times (usually in a few days span) where clearly obvious spam messages get through on Microsoft 365 and my GMail accounts, and other times it blocks all spam and has a number of false positives.

There are some adaptive filters too that can play into the mix depending on the e-mail domain as well. If it sees a high influx of messages that is not characteristic of typical traffic it increases the risk score before it gets to the filter to snub an increase of messages commonly to prevent phishing types of approaches.

Glad you caught them and were on the lookout for them. Hopefully someone from FW will mention it internally so an admin can check things on their end.

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Looks quite clean to me. Eventually you have it tagged as Junk once and your local Antispam has increased the SPAM level.

it could also be that you inadvertently swiped these away when you using a mobile client and this swipe correlates with the move to spam action, etc.

Until that rule is removed it doesn’t matter how many times you move the emails from spam back into the inbox and mark them as not spam, as the rule will happen after this action.

This is just incase this is your situation. It might be related to your situation at all.

Now that I’m reading this, I realized I don’t remember receiving any newsletters for the past month or so, even though I have the weekly newsletters enabled in settings. But there is nothing in my spam folder either.

I expected to get an update about the AMD 3.05 BIOS update, for example, because some posts on the forum (where I learned about it) led me to believe there may have been such a mail? But I have no way to know for sure.

I don’t mind the lower mailbox traffic, but it would be great if there was an online archive of the mails, so that I could refer back to it and make sure I did not miss anything important.

I know recently GMail at least has been a pain as even if you have DKIM, SPF, and DMARC in place, they will still mark you with low reputation. That’s what I have been seeing with emails from M365 instances sent to GMail accounts.

I get all their emails fine on Gmail.

If you can whitelist the Framework emails, it might solve your issue. We rarely see this problem on mainstream email providers (like Gmail) unless you have accidentally marked one of our emails as spam before.

Yep this definitely must just be on my end then. Weird I don’t remember marking it as spam but perhaps I did.