Framework Firmware support length

So just browsing Apple News and came across this article from Ars

And immediately thought of Framework. I’ve asked in multiple places at different times and have never really gotten a satisfactory answer. So now I’m curious, since FW does business in the UK, is FW also compelled to state how long they support their products from date of release/last retail sale? I’m about to go delving into the language of the law which I hope will be illuminating to me. If someone from FW wants to chime in on why they are exempt, feel free! I couldn’t think of a good title so if anyone has some good suggestions there, I’ll take those too!

They have previously said on this forum that they will support a product for as long as they can get manufacturer support for the items they use. So as long as AMD and Intel support their chips with driver updates then FW will support the mainboards. I presume that in view of the modular concept then if a keyboard or trackpad goes out of production a suitable replacement will be found for the next product range, that will be made backward compatible.

I haven’t checked the UK law requirements, but does it require to give a time span, or would a statement like this from Framework fulfil the requirement?

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I know they’ve said that. Per Ars, an actual time commitment is required. The amount isn’t mandated but a numerical commitment is. Haven’t heard an actual commitment from them and would appreciate a hard number to rely on.

Edit: Seems to be a covered product under the law but IANAL

OK Just to prod those at Framework who may want to answer this, there is this from Fairphone for their latest product.

Your Fairphone 5 is fast - really fast. The unique Qualcomm® QCM6490 (Octa Core) extended life chipset and our industry leading support promise will make sure it outlives most other phones: It’s backed with OS*, software and security updates until 2031.
The new Fairphone 5. Designed for you. Made fair.

From Sept 2023

An idea of the lengths some people will go to.

Personally I don’t care with my 11thGen I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to suffer from any lack of support. Never had any on previous laptops since 1996 and never even thought about it.

I feel pretty ‘good’ about this 11thGen Batch 8 :slight_smile:

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