Framework from an Accesibility Standpoint

Linux Mint 21.3 | Framework 13, 11th Gen Intel

Hello all!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the Framework after having it for about 2 weeks, from a disability and accessibility standpoint.

The assembly went fine- I have some fine motor/dexterity/strength issues with my hands, and everything was easy to do accept the Wifi install. I would have asked for help, but I was alone at the time so I struggled though it and got it done after a half hour. (I also did not destroy the contacts on the wifi in the process, which I was legit concerned about, as I had read that’s an issue other (presumably able bodied) people had)

On the assembled laptop: I think the size is quite well balanced between portability, weight, and a large enough screen. I’ve had no trouble carrying it around naked, but do have a heavy duty hardshell case that I use when I’m traveling longer distances with it. I like the one finger open, I’ve never had a laptop that did that. For short typing sessions, the keyboard is a good size and keeps my hands and wrists in reasonable positions, but I do still plug in my full size keyboard for longer periods. My biggest issues are with the touchpad and expansion slots. The touchpad can have trouble detecting my fingers when they are cold when other laptops I’ve had have no issues. However, I like uses an external mouse anyway, so it’s not a big deal for me. If I really wanted to, playing around in the sensitivity settings could probably help, but I haven’t done that yet. The expansion cards though are a beast to get out the first one or two times though. I ended up using the flat end of the screwdriver to give me some more leverage to push them out, which is working well.

The only big things that the laptop is missing at the moment for my own accesibilty standpoint is a touch screen, but it’s something I can work around. Right now I’m in a period where my symptoms are pretty well controlled, but when pain is bad enough that typing or moving a mouse is painful, a touchscreen is a lifesaver for me.

Overall, I’m very happy with choosing a Framework! I’d love to hear anyone elses thoughts on the topic <3


Thank you for sharing your experience with us! If there are any actionable feedbacks you’d like to share (about unboxing, installation, laptop, parts, or the guides) please let me know!