Framework in the wild, sorta

While watching a youtube video on the future of the Fedora Linux website, they mentioned they have a staging version you can preview now. I navigated to the URL and there was a familiar looking laptop staring back at me.
The leading Linux desktop | The Fedora Project

Very cool.


It seems right. I captured the photo from the Firefox inspect feature.

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Do I see a notable bend in the input panel? :slight_smile:

This is to improve air flow in clamshell mode.

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I found the thread about the artwork for the website in the Fedora project by chance. I was also inspired by how the artwork of the website is openly progressed with users’ quick feedback!

The laptop here is a photo of the Framework laptop on which Fedora is fully-supported. There are also a number of laptops in the Lenovo lineup that are fully-supported and ship with Fedora on them. The image we use here could rotate between the two vendors.

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The Fedora Linux website with the Framework Laptop photo was released!

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Has anyone noticed that the main fedora workstation website has a framework laptop at the start?