Framework Laptop 14 inch?


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a 14 inch laptop and it seems like the perfect fit when compared to either the 13 or 15 inch varieties that are out in the wild.

I was just curious if that’s ever been on the cards at all?

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So the 13" is really 13.5" (13.49")so what do you want and there’s no perfect fit. I’m sure it’s not on the cards.

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What about 13.51"? :smiley:

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Yeap that’s a 14"

@AnyoneSeenMyCharger Try to look at the place you remember you’ve seen it last.

(Sorry could not resist.)

And welcome to the community! I hope you’ll enjoy participating in the development of a truly sustainable consumer electronics industry.



so what do you want
I actually didn’t know that it was ~13.5 inch

I was asking about a size in between the 13 and 15 and I got the answer. That’s what I want

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@Mapleleaf wp and enjoyed the laugh


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