Framework Laptop 16 High-End GPUs?


Ahh ok, he does only make an example. Ok, my fault then!

Then i was spreading missleading information, lol.
Good you corrected me.

Then i would also love to see a re-test of this connector. I mean yes, i do also not believe it can only be plugged 50 times, but i would also like to know, if its falls appart after 100 or afte 1000 or 5000 times.

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Guys just chill. :melting_face:
An expansion bay deep drive is coming.

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The video was explicitly showing that upgrading the laptop was akin to upgrading your desktop PC. PCIe is another connection that can wear out quickly if you were to swap it on the daily, so this would probably be a more accurate comparison.

That’s fair I suppose.

Not much else to talk about in here really, until AMD gets official with more mobile GPUs… and later, when Framework follow through on the promise of additional GPU options. It’ll be a while.

How’s the weather, then? (lol)

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Rumour mill keeps on turnin’

For now Framework only offers the AMD Radeon RX 7700S, witch has 8Gb VRam. Is there any time frame for the availability of more powerful graphics cards, at least with 12Gb of VRam? Do you have plans to release Nvidea graphic cards modules?

@Bruno_Vaz This questions has been asked several times. There are no public plans for other chip vendors. We must be patient, FW is not a large company.

FW is not a large company yet.


It is sad, that there are no further informations.
I can understand, that it is hard to work with NVidia.
But there are other options on mobile graphic chips from AMD as well.

So if the 8 GB of the 7700S are not enough, what about

  • 6700M / S 10 GB
  • 6800M / 6850M with 12 GB
  • or 7900M 16 GB which might actuall draw too much power or get too hot to be handled by this Laptop

I’d really like the concept of this Laptop and I like that it’s upgradable thus providing some sustainability, but having only the choice between iGPU or 8GB 7700S for a gaming Laptop I want to use this for, prevents me from odering now.
Which is again, kind of sad.


I’m sure we will see better GPU modules in the future. But it’s completely understandable that Framework has only released the 7700S right now. They have launched a new Laptop and GPU, which was a lot of R&D on its own. They need to get an idea how much GPU modules they can sell. They don’t want to release multiple new modules at the same time if they cannibalize each other in sales.

I expect we see some new products this summer or fall, including some of the promised new expansion cards/modules like the SSD expansion bay, the full size SD expansion card and possibly another GPU module.


Well, I can understand all of that.
But having only 7700S or nothing to choose from…well, as I said, kind of sad.
Even if it wasn’t for a second GPU, because of cannibalizing on each others sales, have some other options like an SSD expansion would have been nice.
But maybe I am just no early adopter in this case.

Personally, given the price of the FW16. It seems like a higher end GPU is more of a future concern. If they had tried to get it from the start, it would probably have drastically derailed the Expansion Bay development (think additional heat and power requirements) in addition to lowering their ability to negotiate better prices since it would be a part in lower demand.

I think in time we’ll see higher end GPU’s (among other upgrades) although it may be after we get the first main board upgrade for the 16 as that should be when the device is seen as “proven”.