Framework Laptop 16 User Reviews

@Bennett_Derrico Absolutely, I’m always happy to share my thoughts on data science; it’s related-ish, since that’s how I use my FW16.

Data science is a great trade. I’ve been doing it for over a decade. My data science work blends science, data architecture, data engineering, and informatics. Data science can be applied to almost any field. It’s important to do something you enjoy. For example, majoring in Econ is an excellent start. You’ll find that domain experience invaluable; my domains are biology and medicine. A minor in a technical field can be helpful for learning theory; I did a blend of math/stats/computer science.

You can learn many technical skills on your own, e.g., through free online courses, workshops, meetups, YouTube, AI prompts, and tutorials. I found learning a versatile scripting language like Python to be helpful, and you could also explore R, Scala, Rust, Go, or Javascript. The best data scientists I know are always learning. Our tools keep evolving and getting better. I recommend fun hobby projects to get started, e.g. track stats for your favourite sports team, build some web visualizations, analyze the stock market, or generate stats for a video game. It’s a high-demand field with lots of applications and good people. Ultimately, you can always pivot your skills to another field if your interests change. Good luck!


@jared_kidd I printed this laptop stand on Printables by Finke

I use an external keyboard/mouse/monitor and it elevates the screen to align nicely with the monitor. It’s designed for a 13" laptop, so I’ll need to remix it someday with more depth for stability. For now, it works well enough.


I think that once the Oculink module is available through the guy on the forum here that things will be much better for the laptop overall.

Cursory review,

I just received my FW 16 DIY(?) kit yesterday. I’ve only had time to open the box & review the contents. My first thought was…, disappointment. Don’t get me wrong. The packaging and the way everything was laid out in the box was nice. However, after reviewing the website and the marketplace and seeing that all of the components can be purchased individually and they’re barcoded, I thought the DIY kit would be in more pieces. I was kind of looking forward to building the thing. Instead I really just have to put the memory and storage in, slap the keyboard on, add the monitor cover and I’m good to go. There went my adult Lego experience I paid $3,000 for. :frowning:

LOL, I’ll get over it. I am still excited about the ability to buy the parts and change them when I want to. Especially the cosmetic ones after I’ve scratched up the outside or whatever. Still a great experience looking forward to getting an OS slapped on it and running it for a while. Congratulations and good luck to the rest of you that have yours or who are receiving it soon.

FW 16 Batch 19


Yeah, unfortunately FW kinda has to sell it semi-pre-assembled as tariffs for individual computer parts are significantly higher than whole laptops (even if, in the end, it comes down to the same thing). They made a blog post about it somewhere iirc.


That actually makes a lot of sense. While I expected to assemble mine as well, I wasn’t really upset that it was already preassembled. I thought that the laptops build quality and everything else was really amazing and it completely surpassed my expectation. Now if only we can get the firmware and fan control thing down, this might be the best laptop ever created.

After some wonder about customs in Anchorage and if the grizzly bears would release my Framework 16, I started assembling it last week on
vacation. 64 gigs of Crucial RAM, one 2TB 2230 Corsair SSD, one 4TB 2280 Acer SSD. I installed Windows 11 Pro on the 4TB drive using a boot USB created using Rufus on my 15 year old homebrew desktop. It went fine once I figured out local install.

After Win11 updates, driver updates and BIOS updates, I changed the necessary some bios settings to enable Linux.

I installed Ubuntu on the 2TB drive. It took a bit of remembering I could set the drive up here without issues.

Now I have a dual boot laptop. Currently setting up the Ubuntu side that I think will be my primary domain with the GIS, python and other tools I plan on using.

Boot time is quick. OS switching is quick. Fingerprint ID works well. The display is gorgeous. I like the keyboard. I still bump the touchpad with my wrists. I’m customizing the RGB keyboard. No GPU add on. I have an 100w power brick and use a 100w rated USB c cable for juice.


Without the GPU the laptop may be viable. Since you don’t need any power brick to reach full power.
How is the fan performance? I personally found it quite bad with the fans ramping to max and turning back down randomly over and over again.

Ultimately it seems to me that the laptop really isn’t ready for primetime without real power or fan controls and no firmware that works properly with chargers above 65W and under 180W.
I hope for framework to fix it in the future, but considering they seem uninterested in doing so… my laptop is RMA’d as of tonight.


I don’t know what you do with your device, but the fans ramp up when I play some heavy games or when I do some 4K video editing. Audio editing does not even make the fans blink, and the temp remains quite low.
Oh, and yes, I am using Linux as OS. That helps. After first installation with KDE, the indexing will keep the fans running for a while until finished. But that I barely hear them.

If I were you, I could check what causes the CPU to be loaded like that causing the fans to spin up.


I do crypto trading and run my businesses. So I have lots of browser tabs open at all times. Some tabs have various price charts in them.

I rather think that you got yourself some crypto-miners hooked up to the web-pages you opened (Trojan horses like, which is quite common in the crypto community).
Because having around 60 tabs open per browser myself, not on cryptomining stuff, I never hear the fans go up.


Definitely not. The same web pages run fine on my Alienware machine and the fans don’t ramp up randomly like this. The Aw machine even uses the dgpu for the video out to the external monitor (I have a 2nd 15.6 monitor on my desk).
to be clear the fans don’t run hard the whole time, but they do ramp up and down randomly. The laptop runs 24/7.

That’s exactly what I mean. Something is soliciting CPU/GPU computation. If it runs at 24/7 as you say, the update processes, logging/scrapping etc. can run too at the same time.
As I said - check what is running, monitor your system to know what is going on instead of assuming it is bad hardware/driver combination.


So far the fan performance is good. I can’t say I’ve heard it kick on but I haven’t really tried to push it. I work so much during the day online that my spare time has been mostly spent unplugged. Quiet is mostly the name of the game here, on or off. I need to do some geoprocessing to see if I can get it to really do some “work.”

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I’m well aware of what is running 100%. I am a software engineer that also does trading.
In my first go around with the laptop I literally used my same OS install from the AW machine and changed the services around randomly.
The fan curve of this laptop is just not good. The fans are lazy until the CPU gets too hot, then it takes a while for the fans to turn off again.
I guess if you don’t have the dGPU model then maybe temps aren’t as bad. I saw multiple times that the CPU hit 100C during normal operations.

You would be surprised how heavy javascript based asset trading charts are. A page filled with charts can literally put a 15% load on the CPU across multiple cores.

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And there is nothing wrong with those temps. I personally like the fan curve of being quiet and only getting loud when the cpu/gpu need it to. 100c is max temp in the specs so I would expect it to be able to get that hot. I’ll take that over a loud fan trying to keep it at say 80c all the time.

I just dont see these problems coding and running block chain apps, LLAM3 with a subdued RAG for roundtrip processing, python implemented communications system.

Three monitors and one dedicated for youtube creation from desktop for curriculum, watching and scraping.

I have had it for 1 1/2 weeks and its not running hot and the battery is very stable. Ill record some time stamps on full charge and record the operations and see.

However, I was in Starbucks yesterday from 1630 to 1800 no power (at 100%) and now working all morning since 0400AM to 0832 with 27% left.

@starbucks was demoing python app, made significant changes to the ui and reaching out to mongodb and postgres including data scheme updates.

this morning working on video processing… No heat, great performance. Did you talk to support?

I agree charts can eat cpu but I am not seeing these problems on our charting can you share some test code for a performance test… I am interested if its a library.

There is a difference between react and svelte, which svelte is a different model but destroys reacts performance. All I am suggesting is it could be a software issue, perhaps.

However, is I will take this opportunity to so 30 RMA windows is to short and would like to see 60… :wink:

My laptop is RMA today. Framework just wants to give me a refund rather than fix the issues with the USB-C PD firmware. This is even after I offered to work to fix it with some community members since they don’t seem to want to.

I use and, there is also a multi chart screen on that site and I use that one fully populated. Obviously all the pages aren’t on the screen at the same time.

To me the fans are too conservative in their activation Temps. They cause the cpu to bounce off of 100C quite regularly. In my previous experiences with laptops; 100C is just too hot. It creates problems over time with components and wires that will start to break down.
Also such heat gets into the chassis and the laptop becomes quite hot to the touch in some places.

Went on these and checked the data and load. Using google chrome, the CPU load spikes. Usung ungoogled chromium, it remained quite sustainable.
With Firefox, only 2 tabs open and 200% CPU load after 5 minutes. So the webpages are definitely very badly programmed IMHO.