Framework Laptop 16 User Reviews

Sorry to hear that, and would scratch my head as to why they would not try to fix it…

Not seeing heat problems here so I would its a component.

I had to plugin at 1115 AM so that was about 9 hours running off the battery.

Does sound like your RMA is you best option. Good luck to you! I know another person who was overwhelmed by the DYI and he had to rma it. Wouldnt even take it our of the box.

Process was pretty smooth and support was very helpful!

Im sure you will have a similar experience.

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Thanks for the tip … I tried various wattage Anker chargers and ended up with a 100 watter … I do have 2x 180 Watt Framework ones that are “permanently” plugged in and found the 100 watter coinvent for a third location (I don’t do heavy tasks in the third location) …

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I’m definitely not overwhelmed. The laptop sadly just works worse than my 2021 AW model and framework has no plans to fix it to make it scale with power adapters or provide a way to adjust fans.
So for my use cases it just won’t work since it’s not fundamentally complete in my eyes.
If I could adjust my own fans the way I could on other performance laptops then it wouldn’t be an issue.
Also if the laptop could run the cpu + gpu over 60w power on anything but the 180w charger, that would also be nice since I didn’t plan on using their brick and didn’t even order it.
sadly they didn’t want to fix that either. I’m overall saddened to rma the laptop I waited 1 year for and walk away from FW as a company. I had alot of hope in this company and actually considered investing in it when they were doing seed round investments.

They have lots of data points. So load also varies by how active the market is and what candle timeframes you choose.
I mostly use Firefox for them on my laptop but also use brave sometimes.

Please accept mu apologies, I was not suggesting that your were overwhelmed. The individual that RMA his device,

Your reasoning seems solid and with the lack of solutions at your disposal is the only solution you had with a 30 day window!

Iteration is always a road to improvement provided quality maintained or improved in lock step with the product outcome.

In my case the system is functioning properly and my experience with FW Support has been World Class.

In any case, I hope you out come gets you to a good place!

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Riiiight. Can we please move on now? I have been seeing your posts complaining about Framework all over these forums for two weeks now. Please just return it and be done with it.

That said, I couldn’t be happier with this laptop. It is perfectly everything I dreamed of in a laptop. Handles all my games like a champ (with the only 180w psu on the market of course) and never crashes on me.

I will say though, I think this is the first laptop I have ever owned where the internal keyboard is NOT disabled when the lid is closed. I dunno how that basic functionality slipped by. :smiley:


Yes, pleeeeease.
Too many of all website forum threads go off-topic (I just did that :roll_eyes: :laughing:), too much scrolling to find info related to the topic .


this is my full review of my Framework Laptop 16. Around a week ago, I I wrote my first impressions a and now it is time to write full review. When I was doing my first impressions, I had Windows 11 installed on my laptop (for testing purposes). Now that system is fully gone and my FW runs Arch and KDE as desktop environment. I will divide this review into few selections, not necessarily based on what is good and what is bad but to provide useful information to potential buyers.

In my first impressions, I spoke very highly about the display. Whilst I still have to admit that it looks absolutely awesome, I found some disadvantages of it, as well. First of all, the bezel is not completely uniform. I personally do not have any pinching issues but for example, the distance between the end of the bezel and beginning of the display is larger on the left side than on the right side. It is also a bit larger on the top right than bottom right. However, no pixel is covered, so it’s fine. I am just a perfectionist and I noticed it. Apart from that, the resolution is 2500x1600 and while this is enough, fractional scaling should be used for optimal experience (150%). For Windows, this is not a big deal but for Linux (and xorg in particular), it can be a small problem. For KDE and Wayland, most applications work fine, just flameshot is a bit funky and scales down the screen when taking screenshots. Furthermore, the display is not calibrated from factory and setting a profile on linux (especially on wayland) may not always work. For these purposes a created a guide: [GUIDE] Setting ICC (ICM) Profile on FW 16 on Linux
So if framework wants this to be the ultimate linux laptop, I suggest adding a higher resolution display that is calibrated from factory and does not require using an ICC profile.

Ambient light sensor
This is mostly a linux issue but whilst the sensor works, I have not found any normal application that can take advantage of it. For instance, I have noticed i2c_hid_acpi i2c-FRMW0003:00: failed to set a report to device: -121 error while using illuminanced and the automatic brightness setting did not work. However, it started working when i found a script made by someone on the forums for Framework 13.

Rest of linux setup
Apart from that, I had zero issues related to setting up Linux and if yes, they definitely were not framework’s fault.

They do not look very nice but they do not bother me much. Fun fact: they are now considerably more straight than a week ago - probably due to closed display putting pressure on them.

Honestly, this became the main issue of the laptop. I have the basic no-RGB keyboard and a numpad. First of all, some keyboard flex is present, especially around the middle of the input deck (letters like O, L, P). On the sides I get no flex at all. In addition, I would welcome more travel. Unfortunately, this is not the biggest issue - that’s its nonsensical layout. For example, my old P50 has a dedicated button for home, end, pg up, pg down, prt sc whilst framework has a dedicated button for none of those. Even my 12 years old HP with 12.3 inch screen has a dedicated home and end keys. On framework, I have wide arrow keys :smiley: The situation does not get any better with the numpad. It does not have the numlock indicator, so I never know whether it is on or off and even the top keys are a bit weird. While escape and launch calculator are useful, I also have a button which is marked as “=” and types “´”. Another catastrophe is the light control. I would understand it is separate from the keyboard but why is it set to enter with num lock off? Just remove that weird “equals” button and make that one control backlight no matter the numlock state. On the other side, I value the modular approach of it. This means if my keyboard breaks, I have to replace only my keyboard and not the numpad.

It is far better than the touchpad on my P50. I really like how smooth it is and some gestures even work with linux. Personally, I prefer having dedicated buttons but I can easily forgive it. Theoretically, it could have been larger but for me it is big enough. Last but not least, I have never had issues with palm rejection on this touchpad (even in linux)

Battery life
This can drastically vary based on how you use your laptop. However, together with power-profiles-daemon and some power management modifications (such as setting the display to 60Hz when on battery or using the “balanced” mode when on battery), it can confidently last whole day without a charger. Overall, I am satisfied with the battery life.

Other things
Apart from that, it is pretty brilliant - powerful and even quite thin and light. Don’t get me wrong, it is not an ultrabook but it is far thinner and lighter than those workstations/gaming laptops. My P50 is far bulkier and heavier to carry around. Add the small but powerful power adapter and carrying this thing around is surprisingly fine.

I would still recommend the laptop to my friends because the repairability and upgradeability imho outweigh the disadvantages. Now we see another expansion bay module on the verge of being announced , so I am happy to see framework keeps improving the laptop.


Ditto - not only have the posts been going on for an age, but they seem to be spamming every thread that is only vaguely on subject that he is moaning about.

Me too. I can’t think why someone would buy a laptop with GPU and then expect to use it with an underpowered PSU that they happened to have on hand.


You mean other threads that I made talking about the issue? There are 3 threads. The forum is just mostly dead overall…
However this seems to be a major issue on the forum where people don’t want to discuss issues at hand when they are happy with their laptop.
“Ages” is like a few weeks with multiple people arguing with me about things they don’t understand.

As far as buying a laptop and “expecting to use it with an under-powered PSU” this is a totally rediculous statement to say the least. The laptop supports USB-C PD (except it doesn’t actually support the standard) which means it would work with every charger through the power differences. Instead they have 65W (from the original framework laptop) profile and 180W profile. Nothing in between.
Limiting the laptop to power save mode when anything but the 180W charger is used is not conforming to a standard.
I definitely didn’t expect the laptop to bug out and lag with a 140W charger and run the fastest with a 65W charger (while draining the battery). It defeats the purpose of this being a USB-C powered laptop.

The laptop is RMA’d at this point in time.

I’ve been exploring the fan issue a bit since I made my review. The GPU module is sluggish to turn the fans on, but they do come on and ramp up as needed. The Shell Module, however, is a different story.

@Jimster480 you might be interested in this post I made about experimenting with the Shell Module fans. They are practically useless. I’ve stopped using the Shell Module completely as it gets too hot to type and the CPU starts throttling.


Let’s keep this on subject please.

If you have an issue, please post in an existing thread or start a new one if a search doesn’t come up with anything relevant.


Just an update on the hibernate / suspend issues

  1. Got suggestion from Framework support to switch BIOS settings to optimal defaults - F2 (Enter BIOS) Set-Up, F9 (Optimal Defaults), F10 (Save and exit)
  2. I also added no_console_suspend to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub (and did update-grub to implement it on kernels)

Then I started to get more informative messages not just black screen and reboot.

See fw16 debian bookworm hibernate not working for lots of details


I got the DIY edition. If someone asked me to summarize my laptop in 1 sentence, it would be this: it is incredibly easy to assemble (and disassemble). Having built a couple of desktop PCs before, I never imagined assembling a laptop could be so much easier than that. When attaching the keyboard, trackpad, and bezel, I kept thinking “surely it can’t be this easy!”

I’d highly recommend a Framework Laptop as a “first build” for someone who wants to get into tinkering.

Honestly, I think these laptops have great potential for education, as an intro to computer hardware. The clear labeling and magnetic connections make it very accessible for a learner IMO.


Strong agree with this.

If the framework folks partnered with a 3d printer manufacturer/org and collaborated on MakerSpace bundles, they would get a lot of interest.


Is this key board bleeding normal?

First impression as I have only just got the laptop today. Packaging was flawless, absolutely no issues thus far, everything just works! The build quality exceeded all my expectations (I had the diy graphic module edition). Certainly all the more commonly reported issues with spacers tolerances, threaded ssd screws, excessive gaps between modules etc I certainly did not see in mine. With regards to softwares every appears to work well too. It appears that as of this moment, at batch 21 for me all of the issues that could have occurred that I read about with earlier batches have been resolved or improved upon. All I could say is that I wish frameworks all the best as this is an incredible product. I do not normally have the time for a review but I feel that I must for this laptop as I felt that the earlier laptop reviews by people on youtube do not correctly reflects my experience with the laptop here, and that if there were anyone who was on the fence due to those reviews, do not be and just order one :blush:

On a side note to tell you my story, I finally decided to go with fw16 after a horrendous experience with a brand new xps 15 that I had for less than one month. Had issue with a dgpu (constant bsod when its active) which meant the motherboard had to be replaced, and even with onsite warranty I had to witness the new laptop almost being completely disassembled/gutted just to get to the motherboard by the onsite technician. The lcd cable was also damaged during disassembly so the screen would then have to be replaced (honestly I dont blame him as I saw the stupid design). Facing with another repair for a brand new laptop that meant to be top of the line needless to say I was incredibly frustrated (technician suggested another motherboard and screen replacement). As I witnessed the terrible internal design that was packaged into a admittedly pretty exterior of that laptop, I had enough and luckily was able to return it so I did. The previous laptop i had lived for 6 years and through the whole time there were components that I wish could be replaced but couldnt due to the planned obsolescent design and the expense it would cause to do so. There were components (screen, keyboard, trackpads that were still functionally working perfectly that I wish could somehow be migrated forward but couldnt). I could not deal with the wastefulness that bigger companies forced upon people like me anymore. I sincerely hope framework continue to expand as you guys are onto something big here. Buying a framework means we trust in the chance that you guys continue to be here to support us in the next decade so dont give up!


Same on mine.
The laptop front case edge needs to be about 10cm away from my stomach to stop any bleeding.
The further it is moved away from me, the more obvious the bleeding becomes.

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Yes, other laptops I’ve had are the same. My MBP is a bit better, but even it still has some bleed.

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I’ve got the same on mine. I only notice it on the escape key.

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