Framework Laptop 16 User Reviews


  • Ryzen 9 7940HS
  • With GPU module
  • 96GB Crucial 5600MT/s RAM
  • 2TB WD_ Black SN850x + 2TB WD black 770M
  • Black bezel (Bring the transparent bezel to the FW16)
  • Blank ANSI keyboard
  • Black spacers
  • Framework charger

1, I have noticed that 5 secs lag on right click on the folder sometime.
2. usb c port take a while to recognise after opening the laptop. Thats where display to start also delayed.
3. Happening once my screen got totally pixellated or inorder pixel , need to force shutdown and open, all good. This is happening I just sleep the laptop for two days
4. black color spacers and keyboard underlying support is weak comparing with the laptop weight, you better carry the laptop with two hand when you open the laptop.

Just these small issues only. :smiley:

Which OS are you using? I don’t think the Framework design would affect the speed of right clicking on folders.
Are there black spacers? I thought they were just silver coloured?

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oh yes, silver color spacers, black color spacers are the ones for the people who don’t use num pad.

Yes, I am using windows 11. I hack the registry to display full context menu now and will find out whether it improved or not.
Annoying part is that it is not happening all the time but it is intermittent. once in a while. You might be right that might not be hardware issue.

hello! i got my laptop roughly two months ago and its been pretty good i have come across a few issues that have been pretty bothersome.

-issue 1 : the fan noise.
i get that the laptop needs to stay cool and its understandable why it needs to spool up so much when in a game but from what I’ve seen i haven’t found any fan speed control software which is very disappointing.

-issue 2 the screen is okay but not worth the price i paid for (3500) its only 100% srgb which doesn’t stand close to any mac display. most of the videos I’ve seen have named the framework as a “MacBook killer” in some cases i agree but display wise i disagree.

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The color space the Framework screen covers is roughly the same as the ones in the new Macbooks. Framework covers over 100% of DCI-P3, which is the same as the new Macbook M3 liquid retina screen.
The colors might appear a bit more washed out, since the Macbook screens are glossy and the Framework scrren is matte. On glossy screens colors pop a bit more, but as a tradeof, you lose color accuracy in non-optimal lighting conditions.

Make sure you also applied the color profile, that comes with the driver bundle on Windows. If you are on Linux, extract the color profile from the Windows driver bundle with any archiving software and apply it on your distro.


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Hey I haven’t been able to get my fw16 to work… I was very excited but it’s been three days since I got it and I’ve done everything I know and done research and I have to to reset it over and over because eventually something breaks it and I get the blue screen of death… I almost feel like it’s bricked. My benchmark or goal or every reset is simply to open Elden Ring. I have downloaded the framework bios and driver bundle, AMDs Driver app (Adrenaline I believe it’s called) to install and drivers the chip and gpu might need,
And of course windows update. I really want this to work and I love the Ideology of framework but I came looking for answers that may help and I see many posts on how support is non responsive. I understand it’s a new company but I choose this over a probably functional laptop that I can at least do my homework on… I am sorry for being that person… just feel betrayed as this seemed like a trusting company that had the consumer in mind. Either way I am still rooting for framework but I got the short end of the stick I feel like so I hope atleast they are getting to a place where they have enough resources one day. But other consumers might be more critical. Best wishes.

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You see them here because they all get concentrated here. When things go well, people usually don’t post. When they go badly, people are far more likely to post. And they usually post here.

Have you reached out to support? Don’t give up, give them a chance. Be patient, it may take a while. But they will take care of you.

You may want to start your own thread with more details.


Sorry to hear about your troubles. You should definitely start a ticket with support. They are a bit backed up right now, so they may be a bit slow, but they will work with you to get your issues solved.

I know it feels frustrating, but any product can have issues. Try not to get too discouraged. The company I work for has an account with Dell, so all our employees get issued Dell laptops and tablets. There have been a LOT of issues lately with newer machines. Failed hardware, blue screens, displays flickering, keyboards flaking out, touchpads failing, touch screens being inaccurate or having large areas that don’t respond to touch, etc., etc. This isn’t to say Dell is junk. And I’m certainly not trying to downplay your issue. Having a new computer not work the way you expect is really frustrating. But I assure you, issues with newer computer hardware is certainly not limited to Framework.

@Kim - are there steps you have been able to complete?

Where do things stop working?

Do you have a DIY machine, or one of the pre-built machines?

And are you running windows or Linux?

Sorry this has been a frustrating experience. As other posters have said, definitely open a support ticket - it might take a while, but the Framework team definitely do look like they use the support queue to track issues.

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Hi Than,
As far as i know Windows unloads Contextmenu-Handlers after a while when you don’t use the Context-Menu. Every Handler is a Program, every Program needs RAM. I know these Delays from my Windows 7-PC. Using Extensions (like Filemenu-Tools) can cause Problems. This never should be a Hardwarething (only when you are using a very very old Machine).

Hi Stachelfisch,
I am using Kubuntu. There is no Colormanagment like in Windows. I have ICM-Files for Printer, Scanner, my Monitors but i can’t use them.
“Framework covers over 100% of DCI-P3”. Several Tester in the Internet are telling other Storys.

You might be on an old version of KDE. I think Kubuntu is pretty conservative, when it comes to updating their KDE version.

Rtings, one of the most trusted review sites, found that the Framework 16 display covers 99,5% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum.

Just a little follow up. Don’t know if it’s a Linux thing or a laptop thing, but I have had times where the dGPU doesn’t get detected, an expansion port might not work, and the overall performance just drops. All separate problems that happened on separate occasions. Typically they’ll be fixed from a quick restart, but it’s a little troubling that it happens.

Kubuntu still uses Plasma 5, atleast in Plasma 6 you can import icc profiles for displays

Got it to work after resetting and downloading all the drivers again, I am not sure what I did differently but I was also downloading the AMD Adrenaline. Then running sfc /scannow . I love this computer, and I signed up for the struggle knowing it’s a new product, Fraoch you are right on the bad posts concentrating. It crashes rarely like maybe 3 times since I got it running again but I am also running power toys and it seems to happen when I am using it. I also managed to dual boot linux Garuda as I want to give linux a try and hopefully ditch Windows, the only thing now is I am struggling to get the Wi-Fi to work on Linux, but I’ll figure it out … eventually. This is fun