Framework Laptop 16+Windows 10

Does the Framework Laptop 16 Windows Driver Pack support Windows 10 22H2. I’m moving the SSD from my desktop to my new Framework thats hopefully shipping tmrw (batch 14 :crossed_fingers:) and I want to know if i can either use the Windows 10 already on my SSD or prepare my move to linux

The short answer is: Maybe. Officially: No.

Do yourself a favor and start with a clean install of Windows though. Even if you did successfully restore your operating system on the new computer your old Windows 10 OS has a ton of legacy crap from however long you originally installed Windows 10.

Windows 11 is much better than it has been in the past. Search on Google for ways to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 and you will be a much happier camper.

Besides, if you have any issues and are running an unsupported OS you are on your own if you ever run into an issue. In the near future Windows 10 will not be supported mainstream by Microsoft so you might as well upgrade to the latest anyway.

One last thought, the thread scheduler for multiple cores is so much better on Windows 11, you will be sucking down more power even idling if you used it on Windows 10. Congrats on the new machine arriving shortly.


Thanks, but I think if 10 doesnt work I might try find a way to either strip down 11 to have less bloat or linux as 11 has too much bloat and has effectively killed one of my ssds in the past, making me move to linux for that machine

I’m running '10 on mine, everything* is working though there are a couple of unknown devices that drivers wont install for. Even survived a BIOS update. Sleep, lid behavior, and wake from sleep are a little funky, but I cant say for certain that is a Windows 10 exclusive.

So yeah it “works”. I agree though you’re best off doing a fresh install, and if you’re doing a fresh install anyways seriously consider going 11 unless you have specific reasons not to.

Windows 10 here too, there was an AMD driver pack that solved all but one of the unknown devices (last one is the TPM module anyway).

Does feel like the battery is draining a bit faster than it should and I’m not sure how well the WiFi is working but I put that down to the WiFi card as lots of people have had issues with the mediatek cards on windows 11 and FW13 laptops.

If you want a windows install with all the bloat removed, you can check out tiny11. It should have basically all the unnecessary features and bloat removed from it.

I’ve tried but, but some of my apps use this “internet explorer” thing. I use this other Windows 11 distro called “Windows X-Lite 22H2” and it works pretty good. use it on multiple machines except my main but don’t reference it because I alr know ppl gonna say to not use it.

That’s good! But yea, mediatek is something I’m going to swap out for an AX210 basically as soon as I get one in. I saw a lot of people on places like the G14 sub back a few years ago where most problems were either Wi-Fi or QA, which they shipped with mediatek so intel fixed the wifi rlly good.

Probably not gonna do a fresh install anyway, this version of 10 is from another AMD laptop I used to use anyway (so its rlly amd->intel->amd) i’d go to 11 if it didn’t have either lots of bloat/things I don’t need that possibly slow down the machine and reduce performance (co-pilot, edge, ai features, Microsoft account bypasses) and it’s effectively killed one of my ssds in the past.

Tiny11 has gotten a lot of press though if you read into it a little it is really a hacked down version of Windows 11 and most of the core functionality is broken or can never be updated due to how it was tweaked in the first place. :frowning_face:

It would be better to do a fresh install of Windows11 then running Chris Titus’ tweaks.

  • CoPilot is the new BitCoin hype
  • Edge is Chrome
  • “AI Features” are just algorithms
  • Just create a dummy MS account or Google how to bypass the MS Account requirement

Want to stop killing a SSD? Turn off search indexing and pagefiles.

Hi, for those features you listed, It would be pointless to have them if im not going to be using them even if they do have hype. I’m not going to use co-pilot when it can suck back resources and I can just use chatgpt/other ai even if they are just algorithms, edge is just chrome but that doesnt mean i’m going to use it anyway as i use brave/opera gx (both chrome but besides the point) the dummy ms acc thing? shouldnt be needed and i dont wana deal with it… also for the dead ssd, it was like a year old and it worked perfectly in linux so i dont think that wouldve fixed it but thanks anyway :+1:

What AMD Driver Pack did you find? Considering the massive issues Windows 11 is still having (like April’s update messing things up) I think I’ll stay with Windows 10.

I did not find the Windows 11 driver pack to completely work on Windows 10. Here was my experience, including a link to the AMD driver download that fixed everything:

I too suggest a clean install, but if it’s worth it to you, you can always try using your SSD as-is. I think worst case you’ll have some extra or conflicting drivers that might cause performance issues which may or may not be easy to clean up, but I’m not sure, there may be other pitfalls moving a drive between very different PC’s. I’ve done it many times, but never long term enough to be confident in it.

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