Framework Laptop DIY: booting problem after installation of Linux Xubuntu 21.10


My DIY laptop was purchesed , put together (hardware) and loaded with linux
(Xubuntu 21.10) in the United States, all without problems.
Coming home to Belgium, Europe, the system does not boot anymore.
Is there a way to check it out ? Maybe reset to factory setup etc ?

It is my most expensive laptop ever, but the right to repair convinced me to make
the shift, after I already switched to a Fairphone III mobile.
I hope It can be revived :wink:

Yvo Brasseur.

What does it mean in practice? Does it show something?


just found a solution: found community submissions explaining that removing the little round battery, waiting a few minutes and putting back the power line
could solve this, and it worked for me !
Thank you all, community !!

Yo that means you didn’t upgraded the BIOS, be sure to keep it above 3.06, it has a bug that doesn’t let the laptop charge if that CMOS battery is completely discharged.