Framework laptop is getting really hot while doing nothing?

I got a new work laptop so I have passed down my framework to my kids. all it has is linux on it, and my kids mostly play with the login screen and at most, minesweeper. the laptop has not passed the kid test as in… almost any time they are done with it its just a black screen with white text. i long hold the power button (for like 15 seconds) and restart and all is good. but its also has gotten really hot while doing nothing. sitting on said login screen etc.

who can help me debug? im unsure if this is a framework hardware issue or if its an ubuntu issue.

Save yourself from the headache and potential expensive repair by getting your kids a $100 used laptop instead. (Any damage to the Framework panel will cost you more than $100).

If money is no object, then still, get another laptop for them to save yourself from the headache trying to troubleshoot [potential] Framework issue.

(That is, as you have kids, spending time in troubleshooting a Gen 1 product isn’t worth any family person’s time, IMO. Better spend the money and buy yourself out of the issue. It’s more of a finite, deterministic outcome.)


Hi a few questions.

  • How old is the Frame work, what specs do you have and did this happen from day one?
  • Does the fan work?
  • Do you not have a copy of Windows to test if it is the OS etc?
  • Do you children allow enough air in the bottom or do they use on their lap or worse the bed.
  • Have you check the grill from debris
  • Does it get hot quickly?
  • Have you looked inside to see if there a problem?

Appreciate the reply @A_A and thinking about how to best use my time wisely! Fortunately, while I’m away at work I can move the ball on this laptop not being a fireball so I do indeed want to spend some time trying to get it in a better condition.


  1. I was in the second batch of framework orders. I can’t really say if it happened on day one as I didn’t use it too often when I got it.
  2. Fan works!
  3. Nope. No windows.
  4. They use the lap on the table and their laptop. Again, the fact that it’s on the login screen overheating (after booting up) is whats concerning.
    5 and other questions: Yes, I’ve popped it open. Nothing concerning going on. Gets hot quickly.

@nrp let me know if you have any thoughts on how to troubleshoot. I suppose I could just boot it without an OS and see if it overheats?

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Have you flashed the firmware to 3.07?
Batch 2 firmware definitely had tonnes of black screen and overheating problems – I definitely had them and they were fixed with 3.07.

There used to be a pinned post in the forum which I thought was pretty useful and increased chance that everyone knew to do this - but I don’t see it now.

If you need to take care of this the instructions including download link are here:

OP is on the latest BIOS:

The keyboard area I too feel is a bit warmer than other laptops (mostly ultrabooks), but as far as the CPU temperature reporting, it’s fine, <= 55 degrees celcius, in most day to day workloads (assuming ambient temperature is <= 35).

Maybe if the material used can be swapped or something so that it traps the heat and moves it away using fan will be a great thing.

Because it’s also passively functioning as a heatsink. (whether it’s by design or not, I don’t know).

The OP is not using Windows :slight_smile:

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Taking the kids out of the situation, your first move is will likely involve contacting Framework Support (as I think you’ve hinted that you’ve followed the Fedora 35 installation guide). i.e. You’re only on a well-traveled path.

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