Framework laptop shows blinking red light and fan start spinning loudly

I have linux mint installed on my framework laptop and I cant install the wifi drivers (because no wifi) so i try out Ubuntu. Ubuntu loads and I install it and it tells me to restart the laptop so I do that. I turn it back on but it still gives me linux mint so i decide to turn the laptop off again and try to get to the BIOS. I hold down the the f12 key while the screen boots up but the BIOS dosent show up. Instead it stays on the framework screen and suddenly it starts blinking red dots on both sides of the laptop and the fans kick up and starts spinning pretty loud. Thats where it is currently in right now and I have no clue how to stop it. It would be great if i can get a reponse soon.

Try holding the power button down for 20+ seconds - this is shortened in the latest bios update. That should power the machine off. If my memory is correct, f12 is used to select the boot device, f2 is used to enter the bios. I usually hit the f2 key repeatedly on boot until I get to the bios.

Regarding f12, I believe that there is an open issue where the machine will hang with certain bios settings, around quick boot. I’ll see if I can find it and will link it back here if I do.

Update - see the post from RandomUser in this thread:

“In order to use F12 and see the Boot Option Menu, I had to set Quick boot and Quiet boot back to Enabled.”

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