Framework Laptop Shuts Down When Unplugged

Lately, my laptop has been shutting off completely as soon as it’s unplugged from the charger, even when the battery reads as being fully charged.

Sometimes, (but not always) it won’t power back on unless it’s plugged in either, but if I remove the charger while it’s booting up, it seems to be okay. If I pull the charger after it’s fully on, it shuts off again.

I’m getting no battery warnings or anything, and when I manage to get it powered on without the charger plugged in, I haven’t noticed any reduction in battery life.

Anyone have any ideas?

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In addition to the questions @Morpheus636 asked, have you tried it with a different USB C charger and cable? Is this a FW 60W charger or third party?

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I just had the same issue. Unplug after fully charged, unit on, and the unit instantly powers off like the power was cut. Using the stock charger supplied with the laptop. Turns back on and boots with the power button as expected.

Wiindows 11 Home 22H2
13th gen laptop

I’m experiencing the same issue. I wonder if it could be related to me having two power adapters. One is charging the laptop directly, the second is there only to power The hub so that the hub doesn’t drain the laptop.

Either way the laptop crashes, and won’t come back without lots of fiddling. When it crashes there are weird graphical glitches and artifacting. The screen is frozen and nothing responds.

I used to not have this issue and only got it after rearranging things.