Framework laptops in iran

Im considering buying a laptop through a friend who lives outside iran (possibly Germany)
But I wanted to know that will I have at problem with the warranty,or other things ? Is some the software or firmware inaccessible in iran ?

Hello, unfortunately Framework has stated that warranty services in countries they have not officially opened distribution in will not be possible. They have just advised waiting until service opens up. Whether or not they are planning on opening in said countries is something none of us here are able to answer.

I do know from talks with the team that using forwarding services greatly complicates things for Framework, and it is very much a legal matter. They have strongly advised that forwarding services not be used.

Although the information is not what you would most likely like to hear, I hope it is helpful. :+1:


If you buy through a friend in Germany you can use the warranty by sending the laptop back to your friend in Germany to effect it.


If you can visit this forum, you can most likely download their firmware and driver bundles (if you intend to use Windows) as well. Check if you can download the software linked in this post:

It’s the latest firmware and drivers iteration and new ones will presumably be beta-tested through this forum as well. You shouldn’t need any other software (besides an Operating System of course) to use the Framework.