Framework leadership attitudes and management styles

If this is considered doxing, mods, just remove this post with my sincere apologies since I just thought this would be of interest to the community. I think it would help others as it has helped me to understand the various viewpoints those in charge of Framework hold by reading work written by them. As such, I’m posting a linked article by @TheTwistgibber and the personal blog of @nrp. I assume this is fine since it is all public facing anyways and didn’t take much effort to find.


Those are very public posts and we have no issue with them being shared. I use my real name in Framework Support escalation responses, and Nirav does on other channels as well.

Appreciate you taking the time to read our thoughts!

Kevin Crawford
Head of Global Customer Experience


Really like what’s said regarding Customer Experience and Customer Service. Agree with the mindset. Framework Support has been top notch.


@TheTwistgibber Just for my own curiosity’s sake. Are there any other public facing articles/blogs written by others at Framework that I can read and share here? I can’t be the only one who wants to know more about the backstory and attitudes/management styles used by Framework.

@GhostLegion I’ll ask around internally to see if I can get some links.

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I’ll participate. I’ve been part of the Linux scene for a long, long time.

My job with Framework is to help out in the forums, with Linux support tickets, keep the guides updated among other areas where Framework provides Linux support.

I am a full time, passionate Linux enthusiast with a long history in tech. I’m active on Mastodon and manage the official Framework Mastodon account.

I have a rich history in tech ranging from working with podcasting, writing on Linux topics and generally being everywhere at once.

My backstory is a long one. Here’s the really short version. Started in PC repair, ended up writing for Lockergnome, OS Weekly, Mad Penguin and numerous other websites that no longer exist.

Datamation is one of the only sites still around that I wrote for. I also have been involved with podcast production and co-hosting for eons.

My approach to Linux support is one of inclusion, patience and the desire to see folks enjoy using Linux as much as I do.

Matt Hartley
Linux Support Lead


Thank you @Matt_Hartley I’ll give your website a perusal! I wish those websites still existed so I could read up but such is life. Also one of the biggest reasons I contribute to the Internet Archive on a monthly basis. Especially after the lawsuit they just lost.

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Wow, you’re that Matt! I thought the name ring a bell…wasn’t able to recall where from. (I’ve been a long time reader of that site)


I don’t mean to date you but…an invite for Gmail?! Since when was Gmail a closed beta :rofl: Just looking at some of those archived forum posts. It’s really cool to see at least some of the evolution of software as experienced by users and thinking how common certain things are now.

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Heh, yeah, I’ve had beta invites going back even further. :wink:


Yep, first met Chris Pirillo back when he was hosting Call for Help on TechTV. I’m that Matt.

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hahaa…I remember those days.

…still have an address as well.


And thus, this thread has already born fruit with some tasty backstory! I hope your co-workers are just as amenable to the spotlight Matt! If not, mores the pity but I understand, I’m pretty private about myself too, so no hate from me either way.

With his permission, I’ll share Zach Feldman’s, our Lead Software Engineer, blog. While not directly tied to Framework tech, it will provide some insights into his thoughts and passions with links that go back to blog posts created in 2013.


There’s also some great material on both ycombinator news and reddit from nrp!!
He’s really an amazing person :slight_smile: