Framework logo dimensions

After looking into the Framework SVG logo in order to make a Linux Plymouth boot sequence with it, I have noticed that it is not symmetrical. The dimensions in firefox has it defined as 30.9333x29.9167. I was wondering if this was intentional or not, since I feel like having the gear rotate might look wonky to people with keen eyes.

If this is not intentional, I can attempt to fix this to the best of my ability.


Why does it have to rotate?

Why not just have it static?

I like animated boot animations. Also I was going to have it roll to the left and display a password box for LUKS.


It’s not symmetrical because its gears are out on the sides and in on the top and bottom. If it needs to be symmetrical for technical reasons, then pad the top and bottom with background color.


No, the inside circle and the teeth are off. I try to rotate it from the center (15.46665, 14.95835) and it’s NOT spinning in a perfect circle.

Is there anyway to tag the creator to let them know that the icon is incorrect?