Framework Marketplace: differences between hinges?

On the Framework Marketplace there are two hinge kits offered, labeled as 3,3 kg und 4 kg, for 25 € or 23 € respectively.

kg as in unit of mass?
What does it mean - is 4 kg hinge stiffer?
Why is the 4 kg hinge the cheaper one?

Yes the 4Kg is stiffer.
The price, this is a user forum, ??

Probably hinges are bought and made in batches and it just so happens the second batch is cheaper - simples

Yes, it’s using kg as a unit of force here. 4kg is about 40N if that helps you, but you can also think of the force needed to carry 4kg (like 4 1L bottles).

Yes, 4kg is stiffer than 3.3 kg (needs more force). Not sure about the price difference. It’s minimal and the 4kg version is newer and might have a more optimized construction.

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I have a batch 9 Framework. The hinges generally work, they keep the display at a fixed angle. I´m aware that with other (earlier?) Frameworks the hinge sometimes couldnt keep the display at a fixed angle. However, my screen is still too wobbly/springy for my taste. I would love a stiffer version.
I´m wondering whether in my Batch 9 unit the 4 kg hinge is already installed and I have to live with it, or I can upgrade to the stiffer 4 kg version.

It wasn’t so much ‘earlier’ but a poor batch of hinges;

All current Gen11 and Gen 12 come with the 3.3Kg, the 4Kg is an extra option.


Ah didnt see the other post before. Thx for the clarification.

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This is probably the resonance Nirav discusses in the article: