Framework NixOS (Linux) users self-help

It is related, I tested multiple times, after the disconnect it shows that error in the log.

Yep, it will be announce here. Nix team has already put this together - I am crafting my asks now to send them. Working directly with them.

Now we need to fill in the blanks with help from the community. This entry is for 11th gen, but we need it for all selections here.

We have two spaces, best to start here and let them know you want to join up and help with contributions here. They have set up a dedicated Matrix chat, but best start here and request directions on what works best for their team.


Are you sure that isn’t just this upstream issue?

Yes, I’m sure since it works with other Linux computers (my mom’s computer that’s running Arch currently)

Hi! I am seeing similar - did you find a solution?

Not sure if this solves it, but they did just merge Framework 16 support into the hardware repo here: Reposted added framework 16 by jkoking · Pull Request #915 · NixOS/nixos-hardware · GitHub

I see it includes a tweak for Fix TRRS headphones missing a mic which might be related?