Framework power adapter saved my bacon today

I tripped over my Framework power cable today in the dark. Instead of flinging my laptop off the table, the USB-C cable disconnected from the puck and the laptop stayed put!


I’m sure the power cable had little to do with it and it was just luck. You may want to consider a magnetic connection as future proofing :slight_smile:

Thanks to the really grippy laptop feet…


And if the laptop port is damaged then there always another extension card :slight_smile:


On the contrary! The resistance of the USB-C connection to the adapter is weaker than to the laptop (the L shaped connector holds tighter and tries to rotate). This has the convenient effect of having the adapter disconnect first, as long as the laptop has enough grip on the table.

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All very subjective depending upon which end of the cable you use in the laptop according to your argument.

Mine was more to do with it being a choice and an activity carried out by a sentient being, not a function of an inanimate object :slight_smile:

Seat belts don’t save lives, but you may save one by wearing it as designed and then you may be better off not having a car which may save many lives. It’s not the gun that kills :frowning:

Just emphasising not to put any reliance on the cable being a safety issue.

The same thing actually happened to two days ago! Someone tripped over my power adapter, and the plug on the adapter got yanked out, laptop was left hanging precariously on the edge of the table, cable still attached. I’d have gotten a new laptop by then if it wasn’t designed that way.

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