Framework printer

I very sincerely hope that Framework launches a printer. This stuff from HP is considered pretty evil by virtually everyone I know.


your right i know people would buy it

lots of people

To me it seems like a pretty bad idea for Framework (or any company for that matter) to enter a dying, oversaturated and extremely cost-competitive market, so I very much doubt this is going to happen


Framework already specifically said there was no current plans to enter the printer market, I have no idea where to find the relevant quote now as it is quite an old post at this point but you can find it with some searching I’m sure.

Personally I avoid ink issues by getting a laser printer, toner lasts for quite awhile unlike ink so it really isn’t an issue for me. You lose some image quality but text is nice and sharp and damp pages from heavy amounts of ink are non-existent


The whole printer industry has been moving to an e-ink capability.

In the past a number of the HP printers were developed by Canon - as HP never really makes anything anymore.

I stopped getting firmware updates on my HP printer (MFP M478fdw series) because it will start blocking cartridges:

This Firmware includes dynamic security measures, which are used to block cartridges using a non-HP chip or modified or non-HP electronic circuitry. The printer is intended to work only with new or reused cartridges that have a new or reused HP chip or circuitry. Periodic firmware updates will maintain the effectiveness of the dynamic security measures and block cartridges that previously worked.

This does not make sense – a laser printer that has more than 1 cartridge should not need this type of firmware update.

In today’s age, you could probably hack your printer to run DOOM.

Mayhaps there is an enthusiast forum somewhere on the internet making an OS available for different models of printers that bypass this harmful & predatory DRM business.

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Printer industry: tragically and probably irreparably broken

I don’t fault Framework one bit for not trying to fix it. It would be awesome if they did, but I’m not holding my breath.

Framework should probably focus on their core business.
While we would love to see more freedom™ in other areas like e-ink readers, phones, printers, vacuums, etc., they have limited resources.
Short term, I would like to see a new laptop with bigger & antiglare display, and lower-wattage CPUs (I’m not going to buy a P-series Intel one) like the 1235U or a Snapdragon.