Freethink Framework laptop

The DIY laptop taking on Apple & Microsoft


Really good video, Freethink did a really good interview with Nirav.


I hope customers see this, and understand the way the company is trying to operate. Even though Framework has been glorious about fixing problems, their stance gives them so much leeway with me. This is a tough industry.

Furthermore, I think Nirav is right: people have been waiting for a long time for a company like Framework.


It’s been a really long while since I got excited about a company.
I really hope Framework does well. Really really well, not just be sustainable but become a major player.

They just need to leverage the passion around it and start taking our money with merchandise, from T-Shirts to backpacks.


They need to take our money for their product. They don’t need to branch off and do other things right now, that’ll come with time. They need to be smart with their finances considering they are in the infancy stage. But that’s not stopping you from making your own T-shirt showing your love for the company.

This is something that shouldn’t be too hard, whack the framework logo on the front of the shirt in white with a black shirt. And you could add I VOID WARRANTIES on the back


If you want to go deep-cut, you could make the ‘I’ an eye logo like they did with the early oculus shirts as a nod to Nirav. :rofl:

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Beautiful. Pure greatness.

You realize that they don’t need to use their top hardware guys to design some T-Shirts and that it doesn’t take a lot of cash to print them do you? :slight_smile:

It’s just free money that contributes to the finances.

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Also I heard some rando guy from the internet that incessantly calls out his merchandising business recently invested in Framework…

Running an apparel business is difficult to do profitably and will be another cash outflow initially. The priority should be to concentrate on building a profitable and cash generative repairable laptop business.

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