Freezing issues

Hi all. Using a Framework purchased ~April and had a freezing issue for several months. Running Fedora 35/36 (issue not resolved with upgrade)

Description: Laptop will freeze, requiring reboot to unfreeze. If playing music, music loops in buffer for ~1sec. Sometimes at point of freeze the screen also has about half the pixels go crazy (i.e. black, green, etc.), though I think this is probably a sideeffect of a freeze during a screen refresh. kdump captures nothing and nothing is writing to the Fedora logs.

Three situations
[1] When I type heavily, sometimes it will freeze
[2] Although I have turned off all forms of shutdown, hibernation, sleep, etc., it will sometimes go into a freeze when left alone for a bit
[3] If I use the laptop on the lap, rather than desk, freeze is common. Might be related to [1].

I do have a WD SN850 (which has shown some SSD disconnect issues in the forums, link) but I am not sure how to confirm that this part of the hardware is the issue. Bios is up to date, I believe the firmware is up to date as well but I am unsure how to confirm

This is really aggravating. I really love all other aspects of the Framework. My colleague, who also has the same model and OS, is not seeing any kind of issue like this.

What do you suggest?

The easiest, most foolproof way would be to swap in another drive (maybe something cheap or secondhand, just to test).

You can install a utility like this:

Compare the results you get with whatever the manufacturer says is the latest firmware for that hard drive model to see if you are missing an update.

Hi @BluishHumility

Great news! It is a hard drive issue. Specifically, my hard drive was bent/bowed out towards the keyboard!

All of the symptoms were as others on here had described. Notably, freezes occurred when

  1. I used the laptop off the desk
  2. Alternatively, when I typed hard, especially around the v/c/d/f/x keys (directly over the hard drive).

I purchased a replacement based on the description of others, and was really surprised to see the bowing of the hard drive.

I don’t think it was anything in the Frame.Work design that could have prevented this. I wonder now how many of the other threads where people talk about freezing WD SN850s are related to bowed SSDs.

In case there is a batch issue with WD, this is the relevant information:

  • Model: WDS200T1XOE-OOAFYO
  • Date of Manufacture: January 7, 2022
  • Purchased through: NewEgg

Unfortunately the new hard drive did not stop the freezing issue.

I have tested with all new ram, so at this point am not sure what the issue is. Symptoms suggest a GPU issue (freezes w/ blinking squares, will provide a picture the next time it happens).

Data point: MS Teams in Chrome browser is almost certain to cause a freeze.

Thinking out loud, the issue that was causing the freeze with the mispositioned/bent SSD might have been a short. Repeated shorts may have caused damage to the mainboard.

I appreciate the thought! Which of the outcomes do you anticipate to be more likely due to repeated shorts?

  1. Can’t stay booted
  2. Random, unpredictable restarts
  3. Predictable restarts with certain software loads or hardware use (e.g. heavy typing)

When I’ve had shorts previously I couldn’t boot, but hardware isn’t an area I’m deep in.

Same problem.

Samsung MZ-V8V1T0BW (nvme, 1tb)
2x Crucial CT16G4SFRA32A (default RAM)
Manjaro KDE

thanks for the input vbakc.

Yeah, every OS, hardware bit I threw at it now freezes like crazy. Best guess is issue with the battery system since I tried all different hardware (including a new mainboard, RAM, hard drive) and four different operating systems (including Windows 10 pro and Windows 11 pro, Ubuntu, Fedora).